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Can't make music and playlists available offline any longer. Tried trouble shooting, didn't help




I can no longer download any playlist or music to make them available offline.

Found the following trouble shooting guide:



However, the problem was not solved after B, so I need more help to solve it. See info below for template.


Thankful if anybody can help me






When pressing "Available offline" slide function, the "blob" just temporarily moves into "green" area, then it goes back again. It keeps doing this no matter how much I try, even after the trouble shooting.


What are the steps you took to get to the error/issue?

1. Go to "My music" in the app

2. Pressed an album in "Album", let's say Arcade Fire - Reflektor

3. Then pressed the slide/blob to the right side of "Available offline"

4. The blob then temporarily moves to the right, but then after 0,1 or so moves back left. It will not stay to the right and enable the download.


What I expected to happen

When I press the green download button I expect the album/playlist to start downloading, but it won't


Did you restart your device when troubleshooting in section B?



Did you read the connection troubleshooting tips?



Your device

Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300


Device’s Operating System

Android 4.3


What type of account do you have?



(FYI for the below points: Android devices tend to refer to the internal memory as "SD Card" and the SD card you inserted yourself as "External SD Card")

Space left on your device

8.62 GB


Space left on your SD card (if applicable)

407 MB (our of 1.84 GB)


Space left on your External SD card (if applicable)



Is your device rooted?

No (don't know what it is)


Did you set your external SD card as storage location?



Did you manually install an older version before installing the latest version from the Play Store?



Do you have the same issue when switching between WiFi/Mobile Data (If applicable)?



My mobile Spotify version


My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)



My mobile provider and country

Telenor (Sweden)


My username



Do you have a Spotify (non-Facebook) login?



Are you logging in with Facebook or with your Spotify login details?



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