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Hack or Bug.. account keeps getting hijacked.

Recently I noticed at work my player would stop playing for no reason, I'd just hit play again and a few seconds later it would just stop again. Finally I noticed on my Android a message saying someone was using my account somewhere else, when I only use my android phone and PC to play music. So when I got home I figured sense I use facebook to login changing my password and logging all devices out would fix this as maybe my account got hacked. I even setup the two stage login on my Facebook account. 


Anyways fast forward a few days and my account still keeps getting highjacked randomly. Who ever it is seems to be spanish as their device has a spanish name and they mostly listen to Spanish songs, they also are using Apple devices which i dont own. 


I spent most of the day today going back and forth with who ever this person is at work as they kept interupting my music, I even noticed they have filled one of my old playlists up with unfamilar music. 


Anyway to stop this?  Getting super annoying. 

Who Me Too'd this topic