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Disabling Spotify Connect


Since a few days I am experiencing problems with playback on both my smartphone and my desktop PC caused by Spotify Connect.

When I play music on my PC, playback randomly pauses and switches to a random song from the same or another playlist. Sometimes it coincides with unlocking my phone when I e.g. write an SMS or when a new Facebook message arrives. I didn't open Spotify on my smartphone, I even tried to keep it closed down.

It explicitely does not help to select my device on the smartphone (Settings -> Spotify Connect -> Available devices -> HTC Sensation). Even more, just when writing this, right after I did select the mobile device there, Spotify on Desktop crashed completely.

Furthermore the Spotify app became quite slow, coinciding with the issues I have with Spotify Connect. Starting the app takes up to 1 minute. I installed both the latest Spotify PC software and Android app.

Using Spotify on my PC became really annoying because playback stops and switches songs constantly. PLEASE provide a simple off-switch for this "feature".



Phone: HTC Senation (first gen), Android 4.3.1, CyanogenMod 10.2-20131028-Albinoman887-pyramid, Spotify

PC: Windows 7 x64, i7, 6GB RAM, Spotify

Who Me Too'd this topic