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Can't get to page to cancel subscription

I am attempting to cancel my premium sunscription. I looked on the help page to find instuctions on how to do it and found this:


How to cancel your subscription

Canceling your subscription reverts your account to the Free level:
Note: If you subscribed through any other company than Spotify, you need to contact that company to cancel.
  1. Go to the Subscription page.
  2. Under Cancel your subscription, click View your options.
  3. Select a reason (select Other reasons if you're canceling for a promotion). Click CONTINUE.
  5. Enter your password in the password field. Click CANCEL SPOTIFY PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION.
Your Subscription page now shows the date you will revert to our free ad-based service. We hope you decide to upgrade again!
Seems simple enough. So I went to my subscription page. Problem is, there's no "Cancel your subscription" or "View your options". All I have is this:

Your subscription

Subscription status

Your Spotify Premium subscription will be automatically renewed on 2014-12-30 and charged $12.99 + Sales tax, unless you cancel your subscription before that time.

Sprint Customers: Users accepting a trial will remain on Spotify Premium and will be billed up to $9.99/mo on their Sprint bill and may cancel at any time.

Premium codes

Have a Premium code? You can redeem it here.

View receipts

Click below to view the receipts for your payments

View receipts



...and that's it. Where is this mysterious cancellation page? I've searched the website and forums and can't find an answer. I'm using google chrome, I also tried using safari. That's the only suggestion I found, but the pages are the same. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

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