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Song not synced error message

I'm using iphone 6 most updated version of iOS 8.


I keep getting the following error message. I followed the instruction to turn on spotify on mac and iphone, and i saw the music sync to my phone with the "download" arrow turning from gray to green . Here i'm talking about my own local files (not songs from spotify app itself)

However, I 'm unable to play the song on my phone (I'm able to play them on my mac spotify app though) . And the following are the screenshot of the "error" message I get. Theses same songs I used to be able to listen to when I was using iOS 7. I have updated the spotify app to the latest version already .


Please advice.


Furthermore, I have a question on how to stop spotify from automatically putting every sort of mp3 files from my computer into the "Local file" tab. Some of them are podcast from itunes which I do not wish to appear on spotify. 


Lastly I would like to know if changing the file directory of the local music files will affect the ability of file appearing on my phone (syncing from my mac to my phone)


Thank you for reading this long message , I really hope i get the problem solve soon as I just signed up for the premium user and having all these errors/problems

Who Me Too'd this topic