A lot of music is missing for India


A lot of music is missing for India







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I was awaiting Spotify's arrival to India with bated breath and immediately signed up for the trial when the option was up. But my glee slowly faded when I saw how much of my favourite music isn't available at all. I understand that Spotify is having licensing issues but I didn't think it would be this severe.

I could have lived without stuff that wasn't released in India at all, but a majority of the music that's missing is readily available on other streaming services like Apple Music.

I was so ready to cancel all my other subscriptions and switch to Spotify for good, but I don't know if I want to now. If this isn't sorted out by the end of my trial, I will not be renewing my subscription with Spotify.

I really hope that won't be necessary. I'm a big fan.


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Hey folks,


Thanks for inquiring into this matter.

We're happy to report that Spotify users in India can access music from Warner Music Group artists.


Happy listening!

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Agreed, no grateful dead, no led Zeppelin and many many more missing. This is very disappointing.

Yeah, half of my favorites are greyed out! I thought I can immediately shift from apple music! Looks like it's gonna take a while. 

Hi, i use spotify free mainly on my windows device and occasionally on android. I live in India so i used a vpn to download spotify and created a us spotify account. Recently spotify became available in india so i changed my account country to india and it was fine but then i realised many of the songs that were available on spotify when i had us set as my country are not available.for example, ed Sheeran's most songs are not available like perfect and many others are not available. So i tried switching back to us and it worked it shows the songs.o just want to know when will all the songs be available in India.

Hey @Atharva_K!


Spotify would love to have all the world’s music available to everyone. However, some artists and tracks aren't currently available.

I'd recommend reading this article for more info.

Hope this helps!

@spotify people, at least give us some confirmation if the songs are gonna be available anytime soon. Like, practically none of even Ed Sheeran's songs are  available in India. Because I was excited about the release, I immediately bought the 1 year premium subscription, without knowing this issue existed since I never faced this issue with Google play music. Since the same songs were available in Google play as well as apple music, I know it's not an issue with the record label and India, bit rather the label and Spotify's india division.

Please either give a confirmation so that I can cancel the subscription or add the songs.


Bro it got released in India last night. You can now get it and it's 30 days free when you sign up for premium and then rupee 119 per month

I'm very much aware of that. Did you even read what I wrote lol.

What I'm saying is I was having some payment issues with my cards so had to get the one year subscription, which is still cheaper than getting one month free and paying for the rest of the year w/ monthly subscription. However that's not the point. What I'm saying is that A $HIT LOAD OF SONGS AREN'T AVAILABLE which were available on google play music. Just wanna know if it's because Spotify was just released yesterday or it was some issue which won't be fixed within this month.

hey, amitabh try changing your country in your account settings it seemto have fixed the problem for me.

^Can't change country without cancelling subscription. 

Bearer of bad news here.

So I did some research about this situation and turns out Warner Music Company sued Spotify and banned them from using Warner's catalogue in India. I'd love to be proven wrong here, as i just paid for the whole year already. 

Guys, don't make the same mistake.

Ps. @spotify just pay the royalties damnit!

Yes. A large catalogue of songs are missing from the likes of Coldplay and Charlie Puth. Not cool Spotify.

I read somewhere that the court denied the claim, and spotify can continue to use their music. But it might not be true.

Most of the songs from Ed Sheeran are missing.

Most of RHCPs songs are missing too

I suspected this since I couldn't find most of the songs that I previously saved/added to my playlists. And that's a shitton of songs with songs from various music labels, all probably being distributed by Warner (judging from the lawsuit link that op posted) and that's why the hold up. I say distributer cus like for Lupe Fiasco, his new independent albums are there but his old atlantic records albums are not there. I  tweeted rapper Anik Khan yesterday about why he deleted his most played song from Spotify and I wondered, why would he though? Now I realize, maybe the distributer had some ties to Warner. (speculating that) Spotify's not paying royalties cus not many Indians wanna buy premium, now that Saavn's been out there for a while now and they've grown more loyal to it and don't wanna change ships. That's my guess.


So, Spotify's going to be a failure in India and it's going to discontinue its service?! Maybe, cus no one's gonna use use it as most of the popular songs are gonna be  unavailable as a result of the supposed lawsuit. And most listen to popular music anyway. Hope it get resolved though. Spotify's not a perfect app but in my opinion, definitely better than saavn. or maybe it's cus i use an older version of saavn or something.of but anyway, here's an f for the madscientist's wise advice on the  comment.


I can completely understand your problem and anger. I've already explained this issue greatly in another thread which you can read here:

Yes, not only Warner Music Group but also Saregama, which is an Indian company, is not available on Spotify India, but available in Spotify US, and also Charlie Puth is missing, too. I’ll keep both the services, Apple Music and Spotify Premium just to make sure this doesn’t again happen in the future, but I really hope this gets sorted out pretty soon, I pay monthly because I want to listen to my favorite music, not for the app...


You can't change country when subscribed to premium , cancel your subscription first then change the country .

Court denied the injunction of Spotify , they still can't use their catalog

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