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Lil Durk Flooding My Account When I Have Never Listened To Him

Lil Durk Flooding My Account When I Have Never Listened To Him






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I think someone might have hacked into my account or there was a glitch, but now all I see is Lil Durk on my profile. So basically, it started about a week ago when I saw Lil Durk's new album and about 5 diff song radios pop up on my profile. I have 0 recollection of ever listening to Lil Durk and I have only ever seen him in memes. I changed my password and logged out of all devices, but that still doesn't change the fact that he is still everywhere. I have used the do not play option for him and excluded all of the song radios from my taste profile. I don't know who was in my account, but they were obviously a dedicated fan as now my whole Receiptify is now Lil Durk. He has now taken my #2 artist of all time and all of my top songs for the last month. Is there anyone at Spotify that can completely erase him from my profile. Like all time listened to, his song radios, songs, etc. I'm sure he's a great artist but I don't want to see him all over my profile. 

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what the **bleep** is up with this 😭😭 my top artist was lil durk... my all time favorite song was by lil durk, my top 5 were all lik durk!?! I have never listened to thus guy in my life 😭 wth ??

They’re so weird about it! “We can’t make changes to your listen history.” Like it’s not just some lines of data you could delete. Everyone I’ve seen that has this issue have all been for this same artist. It’s SO strange. 

Mine did the same thing!

Same exact thing over here. Lil Durk is my number one artist in my Wrapped 2023 and I have NEVER played Lil Durk in my life. 

I’ve never listened or knew who lil Durke was and now it’s saying he is my top artist. Is it possible to get a new wrapped that is actually accurate and doesn’t show Lil Durke, juice WRLD, destroy lonely and J Cole as my top listened to. 

this is so inaccurate. 

My wrapped got completely ruined too. Said I was listening to Lil Durk for over a thousand minutes in May… i was at a music festival in May. How would I be on Spotify. 

My Spotify wrapped came out completely incorrect and horrible. My top artist is Lil Durk who I have never listened to and it has happened with other people I have spoken to. I want my Spotify wrapped to be songs that I listen to not for some artist to get more attention. I'm very unhappy and might be switching over to Apple Music!

This happened to me too!!!

why is my #1 artist and song someone I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF OR LISTENED TO IMG_8799.png


They said the same to me. **bleep**ing Ridiculous. This ruined my yearly wrapped, my daily drives, made for you’s, DJ recommendations everything. Features that I’m paying for that I’m not getting. I’m dropping Spotify. Unethical ass company anyways.

Yeah this has ruined my Discover Weekly’s, Daily Drives, Made for Yous, DJ recommendations and now my yearly Wrapped. Features I’m Paying for and Not getting. I did what rude ass tech support told me, when I had this problem originally. It’s been months and I’ve seen very little change, my botched yearly wrap is the last straw. Tidal and Qobuz actually pay their artist, you can import your Spotify playlists, Tidal has video, they have algorithmic recommendations, higher res, underrated blogs and articles on albums/artists/genres/themes that I’m super impressed with etc. I’m moving there. 

Hi! my spotify wrapped for this year has my top artist as lil durk?? I've never listened to him a day in my life, and all of my top songs are also by him. the other artists make sense for me but I'm more than a little annoyed that lil durk has taken over all of my top spots when I've never listened to this person before. I am also not the first person to have this problem, my friend's top songs and top artist is also lil durk. please help.

This happened to me and a friend too. Number one artist, lil durk. Maybe it’s a marketing ploy? Spotify’s being suspiciously quiet so they’re definitely in it. I’m gonna be sacrificing some stuff in my backyard to appease the dark god lil durk and to get him off my Spotify wrapped

Same thing has happened to me. I would like Durk to be taken off of my wrapped. 

Back in May I noticed a bunch of his songs from his new album all over my “recently” played. Then I received notice of suspicious activity and had to change my password. SMH. This happened to a lot of people. I want him off of my wrapped. I hope Spotify has a fix to this. 

Mine was from artist from different country and different languages I’ve never heard of in my life . It ended up ruining my 2023 wrapped up. I am so **bleep** 


This also happened to me! My wrapped says I listened to his album 101 times. Which is impossible since I've never listened to the guys music in my life. 

Yep,never heard of him, now he's all over my wrapped playlist.


Is it possible to get a updated wrapped playlist? My account got hacked earlier in the year and ended up being in an account farm to stream an artist I have never listened to "Lil Durk". 

So i was really excited about my wrapped last year was amazing but this year it gave me an artist that I don’t even listen, like i will admit I listened to the AI DJ and was recommending me lil durk and I will skipped him because i hate his music, and when i come find out my number 1 artist was him I lowkey cried, and I was so upset and the worst part is that all my top 5 songs are him!!! Like what’s going on, is this a sign of me changing to apple music, I’m so unsatisfied and I love spotify I will make my friends change to spotify but now I’m never using the AI again, messed up my highlight of the year 😞

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