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Need your offline devices reset? Read here.


Need your offline devices reset? Read here.

Hi there.


If you've reached your limit for offine devices with Spotify, or are having trouble getting a new device registered, simply go here, log in and remove the device(s) you want to.


Important: Doing this will result in your offline data being removed across all your offline devices. You will need to sync again.

When syncing offline content, always be beware of possible data charges.


Good luck and have fun!



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5,987 Replies

The limit for offline devices is 3.

Could I get a reset, please?


Hello can you please reset my devices. I was showing a friend the awesome powers of Spotify and it seem to resulted in me reaching the limit.

All offline devices have been reset!

@Ruqaiyahn as @kingfan6 says, you can have 3 devices connected at one time. If you register a new one, the 'oldest' registered device of the 3 gets pushed from the list

Please reset. so that i can resync my offline playlists.

Bought à new iPhone and Cannot save any playlist for offline use. Can you reset my account?

Hello I forgot  on which devices I installed Spotify, so can you please reset my devices. Thanks in advance.

Everyone's offline devices have now been reset!

Can you reset my devices please 🙂





Since it doesn't seem like the possibility for users to remotely disconnect a device has been integrated yet, I am faced with exactly that problem. However, I have only three devices synched with my Spotify account. Well, it seems like my tablet device was recognized as two devices, since I saw that name two times in the devices list. And I wonder how that could be possible...


Anyway, now I went online with my mobile phone, it told me I had more than 3 devices synched, so my mobile phone device was desynched. No possibility of synching it again...


So could you please desynch all my devices? Thanks a lot in advance!



Hi, I need a reset of my devices after changing my phone.


Thank you,

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Hi there, I received the message on my phone saying my limit of devices is at its max, which then took all the songs off my device that I had synced to play in offline mode, so I resynced then It wouldn't let me play the music in offline mode. So would you be able to reset my devices please 🙂




please reset my devices. I've only been using three, but I still had offline access withdrawn.

yes. i would like my devices reset asap please. i am ready when you are!

Please reset my devices!  It keeps withdrawing my offline access.  Thanks.

Hi I need my devices reset. 


 Spotify account is set up under my name. 



Can you please reset all my devices?





I got a new phone this week and need to get all my devices reset, could you please help me with this?


My sister has been using my account and it has been effecting when i use spotify.


can you please reset all my devices so that only i can use it again.

if so how long do you think it will take??




Hi, can I please get my devices reset. Have sold a phone and need to activate spotify on my new phone.


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