Spotify stopped selling download credits


Spotify stopped selling download credits




Noticed a couple of days ago I was no longer able to buy credits to buy MP3's."(At this moment it's not possible to buy downloads from Spotify, click here for more information)"

The link provided only said: "At this moment we don't offer an option to buy new downloads on spotify however you can still use download credits you already have".


-> When will Spotify again allow us to buy download credits?


PS. really bad timing to stop this before X-mas


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If they are updating the website what is the problem with them in keeping us as subscribers informed?

If we can not ever re-download our purchases or buy credits for new purchases they need to inform us NOW! I had thought more highly of Spotify. This is beyond disgraceful! Barely a reply from them in response to all these posts!

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 The most recent reply from customer services...


Thanks for contacting us here at Spotify.

First of all, let me apologise for the delay in getting back to you. It appears some of our cases may have been caught in some sort of digital limbo and have only just come through. Let me assure you that is not our policy to let cases to go unanswered, and for this we can only offer our apologies.

The download link is in the process of being removed - but any track you want to download/re-download, can you make sure to click the Downloads tab on the left of the screen, and then right-click the track you want to get, and select 'Get Track'.

(how many times must I tell them that no such thing happens! There is NO "Get track" when I right click on a track! When I right click on a track the pop up menu does have in the list-"get replacement" BUT! when I choose that option  it only opens up my list of local files! I cannot use up my remaining unused downloads.)


In answer to your other questions, Spotify is phasing out the purchase of individual tracks to concentrate 100% on streaming - obviously existing agreements with our customers who have bought tracks will be honoured, but we have no plans to re-implement buying tracks in the future as a feature of Spotify.

Your Unlimited subscription allows you unlimited access to our library for streaming tracks - obviously not to buy songs as they were billed for individually, and this will remain unaffected in the future.

If you require any more help or information, then don't hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,

Harvey, Customer Support Team


So there you have it folks direct from Spotify!



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if you are listening, I am extremely disappointed and quite frankly confused at your decision to stop selling music by download. To me, it's a ridiculous business decision because you're basically putting two fingers up to me and telling me to go away and spend my money with someone else (which I will now!).

I have loved Spotify since day one for its free service (I didn't mind the ads), but first you annoyed me when you put the limits on free listens to songs, and so I started buying downloads from you. Then I discovered your annoying credit system and how they expired after 30 days and you lose your money if you haven't downloaded anything (such a stupid system!).

And now this?! DON'T YOU WANT MY MONEY or something? Haven't you got a $59 million loss to cover? Oh well, good luck finding that. I will continue to milk your free service for all it's worth, costing you bandwidth and then buy my music through another service that is willing to accept my cash.


Now you may say to me "why don't you just subscribe?". Here are my reasons:

1. I work full time, so I'm not at home all day and therefore won't use the service all the time

2. I want to be able to put music on my phone, iPod and play it in a car or when I'm out but I can't stream Spotify to my iPod

3. I spent £36 on buying downloads in 2011 and £50 in 2012, so Spotify unlimited would cost me £59.88 for 1 year or £119.88 for premium (so I could listen on my phone), so any way you look at it, Spotify streaming doesn't work for me. I'm one  of the (i'm sure) many casual users who are going to fall between the cracks of free and subscription, for whom the download service was a great compromise.


Now, even though a bunch of things have annoyed me, unfortunately, I have to say that Spotify is still the best service out there (for now), so I don't want to leave. If you offered a service that allowed me to stream across all devices, but limited the number of hours I can listen per month (to suit us people who have a job!), then I MIGHT be interested, otherwise, I'm just going to use the free service to find music I like and then spend my pounds somewhere else.


Sorry guys, you blew it. Bye.

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Hi, I have signed up for premium membership today but when i want to download a track, I get this message:

'We're currently not supporting new download purchases on Spotify'.  Have I misunderstood something?? Should I not be able to download (unlimited number of)  tracks with this membership?

Can anybody assist with some info please?


Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


I think you have misunderstood what a Spotify Premium subscription gives you. 

A premium subscription gives you unlimited high quality streaming from the Spotify online catalogue as well as the ability to make your playlists available offline so you can listen to them when you don't have an internet connection. This offline playlist functionality downloads the tracks in encrypted form, so they are only playable inside Spotify. 


The download and get buttons you see are part of the Spotify downloads store (which is no longer available), which allows you to purchase tracks as mp3's for use outside of Spotify, such as transferring to an mp3 player that does not support the Spotify application. 



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Thanks Peter - all clear. I better close my membership then.


Why is the Download Store no longer available? I have purchased many tracks and would like to continue doing so. If you are going to remove the option to purchase are you not hurting the artists that allow you to stream their music?




You can read about changes to the Download Store here.

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@David, there is no information on the page you mention. It only saysSpotify currently does not offer downloads for sale. This is somehing we already found out.


- When will it be possible to buy downloads from Spotify again


Can't believe Spotify decides in the busiest sales moment of the year to stop selling downloads.....


I am not currently aware of any annoucements by Spotify regarding this, I have asked for clarification but until then I guess we will all just have to wait and see. 



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I just found the same thing! What are they thinking!??


I would also like to find out what's going on. Was just about to spend my Christmas money on 100 track downloads 😞


JUST SAW THIS AND DIED! If they've got rid of it for good i'm going to be really annoyed, I hate buying itunes music with a passion due to all of the security on the files (got more than 4 computers using itunes etc) not good 


Yeah it's too bad. I just put together a playlist and I was going to purchase the individual songs (the most expensive way) so I could burn it to a CD and listen to it in my old car.


Now I have to buy the songs through iTunes. I really like Spotify a lot better, despite its many faults, so I hope something gets worked out before it's too late. 😞


I have the same problem! Have been unable to buy credits since before Xmas, and neither can I re-download any that I already purchased. It says I have "4 left" for example , but there is no button to re-download or "get". When is this going to be fixed? It appears on here that we are all being ignored!


Really annoying indeed - was just going to get another £10 or £15 download credit today.


I hate itunes for their DRM though I do have an account - I can't play their files in DJ software without converting the format.

I just tried amazon and it seems I have to go through the whole purchasing rigmarole for - every - track I buy.


Spotify's system is ace and I really hope its not going for good!


The point is that STILL there is no response from a moderator or tech Guy whoever , or spokesman- from Spotify! This problem should be at the top of the list of Spotify's priorities! I am paying a monthly subscription as probably most of us are on here! How can we know if the problem has been alerted to Spotify tech guys?


I have personally escalated this topic to the Spotify community staff, still waiting for a reply.



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Well at one point WAS able to download purchased tracks via MP3 for own use.. So now can't! No point in keeping spotify at all then waste of my time. I can't purchase anything it's back to beatport and Itunes for me. Can't see Spotify lasting too long if your taking away the purchase of mp3s. I don't want to use the spotify engine to just play Mp3s. What a waste of time adding all them tunes if i can only get to play them via the client. added them purposely to Purchase&download for my own leasures. Off to Beatport! bb Spotify ''UNISTALL and Cancel subscription'' most defiantly! Take away the one thing Why folks liked spotify.Watch your space.. and See how you LOOSE Thousands! of members. Well done spotty!


I also wrote to customer services ...this is their reply below!

 Utterly disgraceful!


Hi there,

We’re currently not offering new download purchases on Spotify.

You can still use downloads you’ve already purchased.

To re-download a song just visit your Downloads page to see how many “re-downloads” you have left for each track.

I hope this answers your question

Graham Ballard
Customer Service



my reply below to customer services-to the above....


From tittlemouse
I am sorry but that is not good enough an answer!
1)WHY can we not purchase songs?
2)Is this permanent?
3) What about my subscription?
With regard to the last statement you make-----
1) re:-You can still use downloads you’ve already purchased. 
I know that! Please NOTE! I CANNOT re-download as you suggested because there is no button or any link to allow me to do so! I have 3 usually 4 left that I can download on each song , but the link button has gone,
Thank you!


I'm also utterly frustrated.


I am a workout instructor and need mp3-files to mix my own classes, using Spotify to download music has been very good for me!


Spotify: please do not treat your customers as idiots by giving dumbass answers to relevant questions!


I am sharing the frustration of not having the opportunity to buy and download any music anymore - and this without a good enough explanation.

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