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Android Resume in Playlist

Android Resume in Playlist

Whenever I come back to Spotify for android it seams to have compleatly forgotten what playlist I was in and whereI am up to.

I find this really anoying having it starting all the way back at the beginning of the playlist.


Is there any option to rember where you are up to? Is this a bug that is being worked on? Honestly this is really a deal breaker for me and if it is not fixed I probably wont renew my subscription.



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I've had the same issue.  I was hoping this would be resolved with the latest version but no such luck.  I wonder if many others are experiencing the same thing or if it's just limited to some devices.  I'm using an EVO 4G LTE.  

Probably should have mentioned that I am on a HTC Desire HD running android 2.3

You are not alone. The app doesnnt have this capability
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Is this planned as a feature in the near future?


I really like spotify and dont want to have to change to another service,  but I feel that this is critical to the way I like to listen to music.

Me too,


I think it is definitely a bug. The widget is still showing the title recenty used, but then pressing the play button no musik is played back. When opening the app via widget (by pressing the cover art) the playback activity is all black, just showing the navigation buttons. I have to reselect the title once again. Then playback is working until phone is powered-off again.


This bug is really annoying because when entering my car the mobile phone connects automatically via A2DP bluetooth protocol, but no musik playback starts.


Spotify, please fix this obvious bug!





I have this same problem on HTC incredible running android 2.3.4

yeah, same issue here. Galaxy Nexus on 4.1 Jelly Bean.

It is so annoying that you cannot resume into your last song/playlist.

This needs a fix.....




I upgraded yesterday to version hoping that there is any progress. Unfortutately this annoying bug is still preset in this version.



@user-removed wrote:

I upgraded yesterday to version hoping that there is any progress. Unfortutately this annoying bug is still preset in this version.




I second that.

This is such a basic feature, spotify , please fix it.

And why can't we sort the playlist ?


Please stop adding fancy stuff, get into the basics!


Same for me! Galaxy S3

Same here, Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.11

If they're not going to support resuming of playlists then why does the app even bother opening up to the 'now playing' screen. Get working on this long overdue feature please!


Could this issue be fixed already? I mean come on.. I can't resume my playlist where I left off the last time? This is just ridiculous!

The weird thing is that Spotify on PC get's updates all the time while the iPhone version works great, but they can't get it right on Android.

This bug driving me nuts on my HTC One X too.

This seems to have been fixed now? Can anyone else chime in on this? I've been resuming the same playlist for three days straight now.


As usual, I'm having issues finding any release notes regarding this.



This has been driving me nuts for several years on all my phones. Currently on HTC One X.




There is a release note about this actually.

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Excellent. Thank you.

The resumming issue is fixed for me in the app, but the widget still becomes useless after a little while and I have to load the app to hit play.


Almost there...

Hi again,


It actually does not seem to be fixed. Yes, Spotify has added resume capabilty, but it does not work correctly.


When I switch to Spotify on Android after sufficient amount of inactivity, it does resume to a given resume point. That resume point, however, does not seem to be updated frequently enough. I often get the same song I paused several sessions ago, rendering this almost useless.


My use case may be different from others', but what I do is I load a lot of albums into a "Albums, offline" playlist that is synched on my phone. It now contains approx 2000 songs, so browsing to the same album where you left off (if you even remember) is very tedious. My listening habits during the working days are to start from where I left off in the morning and listening during my commute to and from work. That's two one-hour sessions a day on Android. It's running on my PC for much more than that, but that's a different and unrelated story 😉


I assume that the resume point is persisted (written to local settings/disk) upon a specific event and that this event is not triggered by my use case. It would seem the obvious way to implement resume is to a) write to the resume point every 10 seconds while playing, or b) write to the resume point whenever the user presses pause or aborts playing.



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