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Android app starts playing automatically when opened (

Android app starts playing automatically when opened (

My app as started automatically playing, and bringing up the now playing screen every single time I open the app. This is extremely annoying and frustrating in many cases. Sometimes I'll have the next song I want to listen to searched up and open the app to select it, but I have to wait for the now playing screen to come up. Other times I'm listening to a different type of entertainment and open Spotify to add a song to a playlist but instead the last thing I was listening to starts to play and then the now playing screen pulls up, usually this plays simultaneously to what I was already listening to.
This is especially frustrating because it takes the app about 5 seconds to respond and stop.
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Thanks for posting on the Community!

Could you check if clearing stored cache makes any difference? Try signing out and back in again once it's done, this action should resync the account info.

If that doesn't do the trick, can you let us know if it happens on any specific occasions? For example, only when connected to Bluetooth headphones or when playing a certain playlist?

It would also be helpful to know what kind of device and version of the operating system you're currently using.

Let us know how it goes.

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I have this exact issue and did what Maria suggested, as well as uninstall, checking around the settings, and it still does it. Very frustrating! 

I've disabled every option I can find in Settings that seems relevant, I've read every relevant post, and nothing solves it. It just starts playing what I was listening to last every time I return to the Spotify app without my permission.

This just started happening for me yesterday (Feb. 18, 2024). Android app as well, Samsung A71, nothing in the settings to shut this off and no reason why this started happening.

Noticing it happening to me now (Feb 23, 2024), too. Android, Samsung F22. App just updated yesterday, version Very frustrating!


Edit: I think I fixed by clearing the cache AND force stopping the app (like via the Force Stop button). I've relaunched it 10x or so and Spotify is no longer popping up the "now playing" screen and not automatically starting the track every time I open the app. Hope this helps others!

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