Crackling sound while streaming Spotify via WiFi to Av receiver

Crackling sound while streaming Spotify via WiFi to Av receiver








(OnePlus 8t kb2005, pixel 6 pro, pixel three, Dell Inspiron 7706

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I'm having an issue where while I'm streaming there's this intermittent crackling sound that sounds like skipping and static, and I'm not sure what's causing it. It happens only when streaming via Spotify to my headunit and happens when I'm using my OnePlus via Bluetooth with the headunit. The model of the receiver is a Denon AVR s940h, and I do not know what's causing it. I've had the cache refreshed, done a firmware regression on the receiver and replaced the original pixel 6 pro. No other changes have been made. 

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Hey @Julerobb1,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community.

We appreciate the troubleshooting steps you've taken so far. To be on the same page, would you mind confirming if it happens when you use a different WiFi network when streaming? If you don't have a different WiFi network, you can use a mobile data hotspot to see if it makes any difference.

Also, could you check if this issue happens on other devices or if its just when using your head unit? This will give us a better look at the issue. 

Lastly, to keep investigating this case; could you include the Spotify version you're currently running on your devices?

We'll be on the lookout.

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I'm using beats studio buds with my realme gt master edition and my songs are crackling. it's so bad that it's unlistenable. every other app is working fine and from what I've read from questions this issue might have been going on since 2017! I am really disappointed considering I'm paying for premium. The sound crackling stops when I disable wifi but then what's the point? I have also been using Spotify web and have never had this problem


I apologize for the late response, I detailed troubleshooting steps in my first post. 


I've done a firmware regression on the AVR, I've swapped speakers, replaced my phone, had the av receiver looked at by a professional and no issues were found on the hardware side of my unit. It happens only with Spotify and it happens with the headunit the most. It still happens on occasions with my other devices. 



It happens on other networks as well. If I attach via RCA to 3.5 to my old 'dumb' av receiver there's some disortion with it but I think that's due to an bad input.  






Hey @Julerobb1


Thanks for all the info you've sent so far. 


Could you check if this happens using the Connect feature with other devices rather than phones, such as a PC?


On another note, would you mind asking a friend or a relative to log in to their account on your phone to check if the issue persists with a different account?


Keep us posted.

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