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New Spotify UI - very slow responsiveness


New Spotify UI - very slow responsiveness







Google Pixel 3a XL

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

Since the latest UI update, everything is much much slower. Before the update, everything was instant or 1 second max, now, a playlist takes 2 seconds to load, selecting a single artist takes about 5 seconds to load, and a single album takes about 8 seconds to load. This is unreasonable considering it was instant before the update. It is a big decrease in performance and worked perfectly on my phone before the update. Please can this be fixed or reversed until a fix it available. I mainly scroll through albums to find what I want to listen to, so this really impacts my usage.

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For the past month, my Spotify app has had numerous issues that I can't find anywhere else, and it's become unusable. 

1. When I start the app, regardless of if using WiFi or mobile data, it takes a very long time to load. 

2. When I go to play anything in my library, regardless of what it is, there is a delay between hitting play and the song/playlist/album playing. This can last from 10+ seconds to never playing. The same goes when trying to pause or skip a song. 

3. When listening to a playlist or album, 30+ seconds of silence will play at the end of every song before I either hit skip (still delayed) or it finally starts playing the next song. 

4. Whenever I've tried restarting the app out of desperation to try to get music to stop playing or skip to the next song, sometimes it will keep playing for several minutes. 



- Moto G Stylus 5G 2022

- Mobile app 

- Android 12

- Student premium plan


What I've tried

- Restarting the app

- Restarting my phone 

- Logging out and back in

- Checking for updates (haven't been any) 

- Deleting and redownloading the app


This hasn't been a problem on PC, and I haven't been able to find anyone else with this set of problems. What can I do?? It's driving me insane.


+1 for this set of problems. plus tracks playing silently, if the previous one is skipped.


playback is incredibly buggy. the usual automated 'troubleshooting' (fresh reinstall, wipe cache, restart device, check for updates, etc.) don't work.


it's easy to see that this is a problem with the app itself, as the Lite version works properly.

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