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Samsung Galaxy Ace: new version of spotify is not compatible with the device


Samsung Galaxy Ace: new version of spotify is not compatible with the device

Hello World,


i got a problem with my ace. Since yesterday, when the new version of spotify was available, my ace won´t install the new one. It says that my device is not compatible for this version of spotify. Will there be a fix or do i have to buy a new cellphone?

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What's the point of specifying the min API as 9 but not providing arm v6 native code? Are there any Gingerbread devices that fit in this niche?

Spotify, are you expecting to do something about this?

I'm using a Sony Ericsson E10i and having the same problem.

Spotify, please fix this.

I am unsure if the devs will compile for armv6 as well, but they really should.


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@Stormlord_44 wrote:

What does this mean Liam?  Do we have to throw our 1 and a half year cell phones to the closest garbage can and run and buy new ones just to be honoured to have spotify's beautiful service?

It means Spotify has compiled native binaries (using C/C++) and not compiled them for an armv6 processor architecture, which is what many older (and/or cheaper) devices use.


They should be able to compile for armv6 easily - I don't see why the code they use won't support it, however some native implementations do require features only available in armv7 processors.


So, hopefully the devs will update with armv6, otherwise...



is there a way to receive an email when this is going to be available?


I guess they aren't interested in solving this issue...

This is their response on Twitter:



The recent update is not compatible with Galaxy Ace, any help to get working again please?


Hey ..., I'm afraid we no longer support your device. We're very sorry for any inconvenience /F

Wrong answer! Goodbye Spotify, Hello Deezer.

Someone is going to cancel its subscription...

Exact same thing with my LG Optimus V.  Old version worked, update came out and forced the update. Message stating that my device is now incompatible with this version of Spotify.

According to the twitter, only armv7 devices are supported.

I'm normally like this, but you should be annoyed if this is the case.

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Not even Microsoft does this kind of **bleep**.  If and when they decide to stop supporting something, they inform people months or even years in advance.  What is this with spotify?  They definitely knew they would face this reaction from people who use older devices.


We're just numbers to them.  It seems we're an acceptable loss of income, doesn't it?  They don't support Linux correctly, they just support  Android devices selectively now, lots of the albums they offer are incomplete, offering just 2 or 3 out of the 8 or 10 songs the album has, they cause network traffic whenever their app is running on a computer.


The situation is far worse than intolerable now.


If there's a way for us to find out what their officilal intentions about armv6 are, then let's do find out please.


I don't know what Deezer is but I am already googling...

Hey all,


We can no longer support some older devices, mostly running ARMv5 and ARMv6 based processors.


We know that means some of you will no longer have access to Spotify, and we're truly sorry about that, but we wouldn't do it unless it was completely necessary. And of course Spotify is still accessible on lots of other Android devices and other platforms.


For common support questions, see
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@Adam why? You have to say fully why. Don't fob us of - you know me to well.



They just tweeted this: 

I was then able to download it manually and install it, but it still won't open.  I keep getting:


"There seems to be a problem with your app installation.  For best results please reinstall Spotify"

I don't have words for this move.

I just want to know why. There must be a reason, what is it?

Please tell us.


Posted using the Spotify Community app by Liam

@Adam some? How about >50%?

Apparently there is a solution. Oh, wait...

Hahahah, seriously? Let's get this straight. One person had their information breached (but NOT passwords or payments, so what, his username was taken?), so that required you to make a new update that is in an entirely new app that cuts off access to devices that worked previously?


1) You really want us to believe Spotify developers were able to create a new app and fix this problem in a couple days? You've proved repeatedly you can't update in a reasonable fashion, so I find this laughable.


2) You want us to believe that because one person had some minor information taken that you completed the fastest fix in the company's history? 


There's obviously more to this story. So what is it? You can continue to hide behind your worthless PR speak, but are you saying that this hack was enabled only through older hardware? That must be it. But then why would everyone else have to update their app? Was this whole story a ruse to cut off older hardware you didn't want to develop for, because it might make your devs do actual work? If not, why force everyone to update and redownload playlists? 


Thankfully, my phone wasn't affected, but I can't even imagine if it happened to me. 


So, moderators, let me ask you this: If you subscribed to a service through an app and they decided to FORCE an update on you without warning it wouldn't work, would the pathetic apology given above satisfy you? Why don't you be honest for a change, or continue to bleed subscribers because of issues like this, Chromecast, etc. 


Hope you guys enjoyed the Beats/Apple news. Don't think your IPO is gonna be quite as successful now...


This is a really REALLY bad move Spotify....

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