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Samsung Galaxy S5 Close All Apps

Samsung Galaxy S5 Close All Apps

Hi guys, I just replaced my galaxy s5 with another one through insurance and I noticed that when I close all apps, spotify stops playing. On my old phone, spotify (and soundcloud) would still keep playing music even when I close all apps. Now only soundcloud continues to play. Is there a setting I can change?
7 Replies

Hi. This looks like a feature they sneaked in with the latest release and there is no setting you can change. Other music apps keep playing until they are dismissed from the notification screen so it may be time to post a new idea? Do you want to do it @camiiseta or shall I?

Hmm.. I'm gonna wait until another person weighs in and has some magical voodoo magic setting hidden somewhere haha. But I'm glad you understand my struggle.

OK. I'll whine at the staff for now but I think a new idea will give it some momentum 🙂

Thank you so much! That's probably the best bet.

Please, this is as annoyin as it can get, why would they change the way it used to work anyway?

Im having the same problem in my Galaxy S4 and probably in any other Android .

I recently went from a Galaxy Note 2 to an HTC M8 and have experienced this issue since I've switched. Not sure if it's the change in phone model or an update to the app that may have caused the issue.

Every time I Open spotify it closes down? I have a Samsung S5

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