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Which is the latest stable version of Spotify for Android?

Which is the latest stable version of Spotify for Android?

Can someone help confirm the version number of the latest version of Spotify for Android? I saw some posts about 1.8.0 but it seems to be rolling out to select users only at the moment, so I want to know the details of the version right before that. I'm currently on version 1.4.0631 and the Google Play Store isn't giving me any information on new releases.


Reason I want to confirm the latest version details is cos I had heard a Spotify ad promoting updating the version to enable continuous play without Shuffle on the free version of the app.


Please help.

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Hi there,


It sounds to me like you're using an older Android device... correct? Is it running Android 2.3 Gingerbread at all?



If so, then unfortunately due to the change in the Android operating system and the way apps utilise the services Spotify have had to discontinue support for Android 2.3 (official statement here). Therefore unfortunately unless you can upgrade Android to Jellybean or greater then your app version will remain at 1.4 as this is the last version supported on Gingerbread & Honeycomb.

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