m4a tracks will not play on my Galaxy Nexus

m4a tracks will not play on my Galaxy Nexus

Hello gents, I finally got my m4a tracks from iTunes to play on my desktop client by installing quicktime...problem is that those same m4a tracks will NOT play on my ICS (4.0.4) Galaxy Nexus.  This pretty much renders the Android Spotify app useless, as much of my library is scattered with m4a files.  


Please tell me how to get those working easily, I have too many to unlink by hand and there are several other music players that support m4a (I guess they are technically ALAC) files.



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As an aside, like others I will be cancelling my subscription and trying out other options if Spotify can not provide some sort of solution.  Thanks!

Try the following - 


  1. Start Spotify on your phone.
  2. Now start Spotify on the desktop then drag-and-drop the local files you want to a new playlist.
  3. Select your phone from the Devices list, locate the playlist then set it to sync.

This might get the m4a tracks synced to your phone. 

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The issue isn't that the tracks don't make it to my phone, they are's that when I go to play them, the app acts like it is playing the track but there is no sound.  I had this issue on the desktop as well UNTIL I installed QuickTime.  Now the desktop is playing the m4a tracks, but the Android app isn't.



Hey, want my money on a monthly basis?  Then please answer this question, or I'll cancel before a dime leaves my account.  


This is a serious issue for me as I have MANY m4a encoded tracks that I can not listen to on my Android device.  By the way, unless you are forgetting, you state explicitly that you support m4a tracks.  By these not working, you are falsly advertising your level of support.


Please respond ASAP.


We've just tried this using a device on Android 2.x, and synced a playlist with 5 m4a files, and 1 mp3.

Here's the steps we tried -

* Create a playlist with just the local files you wish to sync on your computer
* Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer
* Log into the same Spotify account on both your phone and your computer
* On your phone, browse to the playlist filled with local files
* Select "Download Playlist". This should start syncing the tracks to your phone.
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Sigh...if you took thirty seconds to read the thread, you would know that the issue is not with getting the file to the device. When I try to play the track, there is no sound, only silence. Did you try to play the track you synchronized?

Hopefully you can understand my frustration, which is now greater because of me having to repeat myself.


Yes, we managed to play the tracks just fine. We were using an Sony Xperia X8 E15i (I think) running on the Gingerbread OS.


EDIT - I just tried again on a Jelly Bean device - try changing the sync quality too, and turning Wi-Fi off and back on, on both your computer and phone, then trying the sync process again. 


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Ok, so I reinstalled the app, changed the download quality and did a re-synch and m4a files are now playing.  The only other difference was that when I installed spotify, I had yet to install quicktime so all of these files were failing to play on the desktop because of that.  I know have quicktime installed on the desktop.  This weekend I'll do some more experimenting to see if I can get it to fail again.


Thanks for the assistance!

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