Apple CarPlay “dislike” button

Apple CarPlay “dislike” button


Why isn’t there one? There a “+” that acts as a “like” button. (By the way. Why is that not a thumbs up icon like the app?) Also “+” seems to absent in certain playlists/channels on CarPlay but exist on the iPhone app. I sure hope there are plans to rectify this. Having to grab my phone while driving kinda defeats the purpose of the whole screen mirroring thing...

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I agree with this. It used to be able to do so because CarPlay had a separate button for “like” and “add”. Now with just the ‘+’ button it’s not doable. They really need to fix this imo - it’s confusing in itself because people expect a heart or thumbs up to like songs. 

Sometimes you listen to a song and press like because the beginning is good, but by the end you change your mind and want to undo your actions. You should able to do that somehow without pulling out your phone. If you don’t, you forget the name of the song and are stuck with songs you don’t like and end up needing to “clean up” your library every once in a while. More work for us when the product limits features like that. Especially when they were available before...


Pl, add dislike, unlike button for car play system 


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