Dislike Songs or Artists and stop them from being played


Dislike Songs or Artists and stop them from being played


How does one dislike or stop a song or artist from being played?  There used to be an option in the bottom left corner of the Spotify app on Windows 10 where you could do so.  Right clicking on things also doesn't work anymore.  I've tried things through radio stations, by looking up the songs/artists themselves, etc.  Seems like a recent update likely removed this option.  Any help is appreciated.  

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Hi @cgreer1212

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

The dislike button has been removed from Radio an Daily Mix playlists. 


You can check this Live Idea related to your question. I'd recommend adding your +VOTE there and keeping an eye out for any updates on that case. 


If it comes to blocking artists:

  • Open Spotify on your mobile app,
  • Go to artist's profile,
  • Click the three-dot menu, 
  • Tap icon_no.png Don't play this artist. 


If you still see the icon_no.png button in your desktop app, I'd recommend performing clean reinstall of your Spotify. It's different than regular reinstallation.
Just find your device and follow the steps provided in this Article.


I hope it helps!

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I really don't understand why this feature is not available everywhere and even worse why it's being removed?!! The like button is everywhere and working - so why not a dislike button? So many people are asking for this for years. What is the problem of creating a feature which is so obviously important for an application like spotify.
It really annoys me every time I have to listen to a song again I absolutely dislike and no control stopping that. I honestly consider changing services just to have this feature. Give us the freedom to choose what we want and DON'T want to hear!


Uhm, so if I click hide song it only hides it in the current playlist?

How do you hide a song so you never hear it again?

Also, when I clicked "hide song" in a certain playlist it still played it? Was it because the playlist was active at the time?

Do I have to move to another service to get this basic feature of disliking songs (so they're not played) or can Spotify perform this, what I assume is, a simple function?

Casual Listener

Also give us the ability to hide a podcast completely. 

I've been a Spotify guy for years but am changing my service because of this issue, the algo keeps playing an artist I really, really dislike and I guess Spotify would rather lose me than make this simple correction!