Is there any restrictions on cover art?


Is there any restrictions on cover art?


Was just wondering if there was restrictions on the cover art for a single. Like if guns,drugs etc can’t be on them. I looked everywhere and can’t find an answer. Thanks.


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Hey @JacobTrapLord.


Thanks for posting this question in the Community 🙂


It seems as if there aren't currently any restrictions with regard to this, since there is an idea in the Community which suggests that it should be possible to turn off explicit album art.


Even so, we encourage you to always be respectful of your audience and avoid including anything obscene or gratuitous in your album art.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions 😉


From what I know Spotify allows pornography album art. But the community wants to block that but Spotify has yet to do anything about it.


Also, it breaks the terms of use for USERS and ARTISTs to post pornography. So it makes no sense on Spotify's part and they don't seem to enforce anything thus far in this regard.

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