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New Home Feed Interface?

New Home Feed Interface?

Sorry but this new "tiktok-like" interface is so ugly. Spotify needs to realise that a familiar design on one app absolutely doesn't work for others. It doesn't "promote discovery" and honestly just makes me feel less inclined to scroll through hundreds of what looks like Stories to find new music. It's an absolute eyesore and an assault on the ears to scroll through.

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I hit the button to mute the cards, and that works for a few days, but it keeps unmuting. Besides the sounds being annoying, the cards are worthless and made my experience finding music much worse. Why would i want scrolling content.

I totally share the frustration. I never felt so angry and disappointed at the same time.
I hope they remove this update.

I accept this as a solution. 

First off, long time user here. All the way back when the UI was white and green. I've personally sold more Spotify subscriptions to my friends then Spotify could have ever sold to them. Here's the deal. I use Spotify when I'm driving. Or working (I operate earth moving equipment). Spotify was a incredibly seamless and functional app. WAS.  When I'm working it WAS very easy to navigate. Find new music. Find a podcast. Ect. When I'm driving Spotify on Android auto is useless so I use my phone to navigate the app.


Again. This app has been the one and only app I use for the amount of time (sometimes 10 or 11 hours a day) I use my phone. 


But let me make this 100% clear to the wizards of dumb that did this to my beloved app. This update is beyond terrible I won't even give it a chance as far as trying to relearn it. The tick toc single tile scroll abomination that has become Spotify guarantees without a doubt I'll be canceling my family subscription unless the app is reverted back to what it was yesterday. 


The app is now completely useless to me. It is dangerous for me to navigate and use while I'm working. Sitting in traffic. And completely infuriating for when I'm at home and want to quickly find something to put on without getting sucked into a half hour of tik toc style trash from what should be a long form application. 


Better get to fixing this Spotify.. I can guarantee the amount of users you are about to lose is going cost your shareholders a pile of money. 

Well said, and I'm in the exact same boat.  I have been a paying customer for at least 6 years.  I loved Spotify.  But, I have ZERO confidence in the CEO or leadership because of this catastrophic shift.  Even if they revert it back to the old UI right now, I know that they will be trying to sneak tiktok in somehow in the future.


Spotify had a lot of charm with their curated playlists.  I do owe them gratitude for helping me to find music that I probably otherwise would not have.


That's why this UI feels like such a stab in the back.  It's so artificial and grating.  I feel betrayed.


I'm actively filling out Apple Music with my favorite artists and albums, and making what I can out of playlists.  


Apple Music does have higher quality audio.  Seems a little louder too, which is great.


Spotify really messed up on this one.

This is exactly how I feel.  I used Spotify PASSIVELY, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THAT ABOUT IT.


I also mostly use it while driving or working or working out.  It's one of the apps that I COUNT ON DAILY.


But this update is so awful that I'm going out of my way to make sure that they know I'm cancelling.


As soon as I get Apple Music updated with the artists and playlists I have, I will cancel.

It's absolutely terrible.  The worst UI experience I think I've ever endured.

 I understand that the recent update to Spotify's UI may have disrupted your seamless and functional experience with the app. However, I would encourage you to give it a try and see if the benefits of the new features outweigh the bad. While change can be uncomfortable at first, it can also bring new and exciting opportunities to discover music and podcasts.

Perhaps, take some time to explore the new features and experiment with different ways of navigating the app. You might be surprised to find that the new UI actually makes it easier to find new music and podcasts. Additionally, Spotify's developers are always working to improve the user experience, so they may address some of the issues that you've mentioned in future updates.

I understand that your safety is a top priority while operating heavy equipment or driving, but with a little bit of practice, you may find the new UI to be just as easy to navigate as the old one. And as for the TikTok-style scroll, you can always customize your feed and remove any unwanted content.

Overall, I urge you to give the new Spotify UI a chance before canceling your subscription. As a long-time user, you have undoubtedly seen the platform evolve and improve over time. Who knows, this new update may just be another step towards making the app even better.

Keep the comments, questions and concerns rolling,


-Prague the Dog

Appreciate the suggestion but it’s too flaky (as others have mentioned) and I’d rather just turn this “feature” off completely. I am a software engineer myself and I cannot fathom rolling out a feature with the potential to be this infuriating and jarring and not also providing some way of turning it off. This is ROUGH.

I appreciate the thought. The problem isn’t in discovering new music.  The problem is enjoying the music I already like and having easy access to it.


The placement and design of the recently played is so awful that it’s the primary reason I’m leaving.


I don’t want to be forced to dig through playlists and artists that I know I don’t like to find the music that I DO like.


On the previous UI, I use the “recently played” function on the home page probably 95% of the time I used Spotify. 

to me, Spotify fundamentally misunderstands what their app is used for and why people like it.


and they ruined the core functionality that I used it for.

Translation of the text from Japanese to English

I have been a Spotify user for over 5 years and I love Spotify.

However, I also oppose Spotify's new UI. It takes more time to access music than before and the number of songs that can be seen at once is far inferior.

The interaction that occurs when scrolling in a TikTok style creates a momentary lag in intuitive operation.

The new UI seems to provide opportunities to discover new music, but I also want to meet the music I listened to in the past again. The old UI realized that.

I would like to make many more requests, but if immediate improvements are not made to the new UI, I will have no choice but to cancel Spotify. I really liked the UI/UX so far, so I hope this challenging new UI will be improved in a good shape.

The latest UI update has made the home page of the Spotify app unusable. I closed the app and sat here working in silence today rather than deal with it. I do not use Tik Tok. I do not come to Spotify for videos. I turn off autoplay on every app that has it, or I delete the app. I also turn off infinite scroll. 

At a minimum, please give us the option to turn off the video feed and audio preview.


What I want to see and hear when I open the Spotify app:


  • My recently played playlists
  • My own library
  • My various recommended playlists, preferably with more than one recommended playlist on screen. And by this I mean my Daily Mixes, Discover Daily, Daily Drive, that sort of thing
  • Absolute silence until I select a playlist or song and hit play

What I do not want to see or hear when I open the Spotify app:


  • Any video feed, at all (especially one that takes up my whole screen and doesn’t even show me the name of the playlist it’s recommending) 
  • Any audio that I have not specifically selected and hit play on (especially not a few seconds of a song blaring in my ears before changing to the next song as I scroll down desperately searching for my daily mixes)

LET ME TURN IT OFF. This UI update is basically torture for my poor ADHD brain; I’ve been avoiding opening the app as much as I can since the update because it gives me a headache. 


I’ve been a subscriber since 2014-15 and am seriously considering cancelling my subscription over this. I recently cancelled my longstanding Hulu subscription when they made changes that rendered the app incompatible with my TV, and I cancelled Netflix over their new multi-device policy. I suppose Spotify can join the trend of decisions that save me money.

Couldn't agree more! It's absolutely hideous, just an assault on on the senses. Would like to also add that the two seconds spent trying to scroll past that mess (before I realised it was all a mess) has added whatever rubbish it was pushing on me to my "recently played artists", which honestly feels pretty intrusive as well, just adding stuff I don't know and probably don't like to my profile because THEY shoved it in my face in the first place!

Honestly I'm with you, I can't stick with Spotify if this doesn't get rolled back sharpish.

Couldn't agree more! It's absolutely hideous, just an assault on on the senses. Would like to also add that the two seconds spent trying to scroll past that mess (before I realised it was all a mess) has added whatever rubbish it was pushing on me to my "recently played artists", which honestly feels pretty intrusive as well, just adding stuff I don't know and probably don't like to my profile because THEY shoved it in my face in the first place!

I can't stick with Spotify if this doesn't get rolled back sharpish.

You're response is so infuriating I'm going to have to contain myself in this response. First and foremost. We are telling you we do not like the new "features". It is not a "feature" when you take the very core of the service we pay for and f'ing remove it. And then take our libraries and bury them behind a bunch of **bleep** that we don't want. Instead of 2 clicks to get to what I was looking for. It's now 8 or 9 or 10, if I can even find it. Why would I waste my time trying to clunk around your new "features"? It's easier to just learn a new app (apple music). Furthermore Spotify has buried discover under pages of video and tiles. 


Let me explain something. Most times I use Spotify I don't know what I want to listen to. The old home screen was where I spent most of my time. Now I have to clunk around the "search" feature. Know what genre I want to listen to. Click the tile. Scroll through an endless sea of garbage bands I give 2 caps about, just to figure out that this app has gone from pleasurable to outright infuriating. 


See what you are doing is even more infuriating. You say remove any unwanted content. The entire home page is f'ing unwanted content. How do i remove the entire home page that you have forced on us? I'm going to start migrating my Playlist to apple music. Yes I have watched Spotify evolve. I've watched Spotify bury the music I actually care about deeper and deeper inside the application. I've tolerated it. This update is a bridge to far. Spotify used to be about creating my own Playlist. It used to be about my music. Spotify is obviously oblivious to what brought users to its platform to begin with. And your response is case and point to that oblivion. 

I couldn't agree more. This is atrocious for ADHD brains. I also miss the new episodes button for podcasts. The what's new button on the home screen is fine but when you go to it it's god awful. I want the option to switch back. This is bs.

i liked having my home page sectioned out with daily mixes and my playlists and whatnot now it’s just segments of a bunch of different albums and it honestly just feels generic and off-putting. also removing the like button was pointless and it’s irritating that i can’t like songs properly and instead have to actually add them to my liked songs like i would to any other playlist which feels like it’s defeating the entire purpose?? it really just feels like you’re trying to fix something that’s not even broken. please stop randomly changing the layouts of things in a randomised way so that only a select few unfortunate people deal with this, nobody’s asking for these changes.

Everything you said is spot on. I'm a 43 year old man that listens to experimental, alternative and electronic music who now finds himself with a Spotify homepage feed filled with the most popular pop music of the moment. It's obnoxious, loud, irrelevant and obtuse!

I've also noticed that when each of these obnoxious tiles starts playing without any prompt, the damn thing appears in my listening history!

If there is no way to turn this off by the end of the week I'll be jumping ship to another music service.

I don't mind some recommendations when they're relevant to my listening. But I want to choose if and when I interact with these recommendations. Auto playing content I have no interest in against my will is the worst!

Totally agree on this one. This is a disaster. Ugly and timeconsuming due to slower and lesser browsability, and of course 100% annoying as well. This kind of forced and not asked for changes is an arrogant strategy. At least make this new layout optional! 

I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app and gave me back the old version. That new layout was horrible. 

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