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New Home Feed Interface?

New Home Feed Interface?

Sorry but this new "tiktok-like" interface is so ugly. Spotify needs to realise that a familiar design on one app absolutely doesn't work for others. It doesn't "promote discovery" and honestly just makes me feel less inclined to scroll through hundreds of what looks like Stories to find new music. It's an absolute eyesore and an assault on the ears to scroll through.

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Update to my comment** i uninstalled and then reinstalled the app and my Spotify is back to what it is before that horrible update 

Oh really? Will try that. I don’t care to move everything to a different platform but I’m not paying for**bleep**. 

It's horrible and makes the app so much clunkier to use, and it's way more difficult to find the Playlists I actually want to listen too. 

Luckyyyy! I just tried that and nope, I still have the brain-rattling mess 😩

Spotify have until my next billing date to revert this, then I'm off to Tidal.

Bye bye, ten years of Premium, sorry you suck so very hard.

the new layout with constantly autoplaying videos makes it extremely annoying to navigate the app properly. also unnecessarily takes up even more memory. please option to just use the standard layout or atLEAST stop all the autoplaying previews and videos!? worst idea ever. so unnecessary and slows down and ruins entire experience.

I completely agree. The new layout is awful.

It's atrocious and completely ruins the service. Unsubscribing.

The new UI is the worst. If there is no way to turn disable this garbage by the end of the week I'm jumping ship to another service.

Well done Spotify, you have created a truly obnoxious UI






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The new UI is TERRIBLE. My entire screen is taken up by one giant tile, and it won't scroll smoothly. I have to be constantly swiping to get anywhere; it stops on every single tile. The same goes for if I'm scrolling back up. I can't get to the top of the screen without a million swipes. I don't want this to be like a dating app or TikTok, I want to be able to easily find my music.


Also, I don't care whatsoever about whatever is popular, yet Spotify is ignoring my listening history and filling my screen with stuff like advertising for Taylor Swift's new album. Wrong audience, Spotify. I have been a premium customer since 20011 and am absolutely ready to jump ship if this continues. At least give me some options to customize what I want to see. As it stands now, this is the worst version of the Spotify UI yet.


I dislike this new "feature" so so much!

Posted this in another thread but posting it again here, and wherever I can. The spotify subreddit is removing and censoring any posts about the update as well. What the **bleep** is going on. Anyway..


100% agree. Taking today to see what Ive compiled over the 5+ years of sending them money and unsubscribing to spend it elsewhere. It went from being the best to the absolute worst music app.

Yes, the new layout is terrible!

Just want to jump on the hate train here. And add that the auto play music feature is especially insulting - just blasting random songs as your scrolling. And because the each tile takes up the entire screen, you can only see it, and whatever Spotify decides to feed you next. Not what you were looking for? Too bad. Here's another clip of a song with a music video. Maybe we'll show you the band/playlist/album you were looking for next but there's no way to search a catalogue.

Couldn't agree more, completely useless UI now, and completely ruins the user experience.

Edit, So today a week later i have had it with the new layout and started a subscription with Deezer. Spotify is paid for one more month then it's goodbye.The reason for leaving Spotify is that the new UI is intrusive, it should be my choice when and what to play not Spotify autoplaying content i have not chosen.

It's a stupid solution to a problem that shouldn't exist, but I added a link to the webpage app to my phone and have started using that because it's the old UI.
Hopefully they figure out what a mistake they made and revert quickly.







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The updated Android app is truly, truly, awful. Almost to a level of being inspiring it's so bad. Spotify as an app is essentially supposed to be a record store, or music library. I want to see a lot of music options, informed by my listening history, where I can easily brows by genera, band, album, etc. The new app interface is a series of band posters THAT AUTO PLAY MUSIC AND A VIDEO AS YOU SCROLL with no control over how you search, view, or brows the music you want. So as you scroll you get a jarring sound bite of whatever is being fed to you. Each Instagram Story-inspired tile takes up the full screen and there's no way to control what shows up next and they're not really even tied to your listening preferences, from what I can tell. You just have to keep scrolling and hope that eventually the app shows you what you want to listen to. Really really bad.

A dumb workaround, but it's worked for me: I ditched the app and just saved the web-based audio player to my home screen. It's still got the old, browser UI which is so much better.


totally agree with you, can't believe how they will do that and not even give the possibility to use the older version... i liked to be able to choose new music simply by looking at album covers, a bit like at a record store, now its like you're being imposed stuff, at least if stuff didnt start playing automatically... as you scroll down... might cancel my account over this.

I can get over the stupid new home screen design, whatever. But why does it have to automatically start playing random song snippets at full blast (not even with any kind of fade in)? And even if you tap the mute thing, it does the same thing again next time?


I mean really, you just launch the app and it immediately starts playing stuff, no matter if you're at full volume, even with the mute switch on. What the heck. You know it's possible people open Spotify by mistake right?


Here's an idea: Just start playing music when the user actually wants you to. I hate to beg the dev team of a billion dollar company for some basic common sense, yet here we are. Fix this or people will leave.

It's a stupid design choice, straight up. Can't believe this got past any kind of user testing.

Agree 100%. The unexpected full-volume auto play (is this MySpace circa 1996?) startled me so bad I almost dropped my phone. It was impossible to find what I was actually looking for, forget about finding it quickly. Then having the homepage hijack the music I was listening to? FOH. I utterly loathe this trend of trying to make every platform and app into a TikTok clone. I avoid that app for a reason, kids. 

ETA: After being a Spotify subscriber for 7 years, this is what made me finally hunt down this forum and make a profile. That's how much I hate this update.

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