New Interface?

New Interface?

Sorry but this new "tiktok-like" interface is so ugly. Spotify needs to realise that a familiar design on one app absolutely doesn't work for others. It doesn't "promote discovery" and honestly just makes me feel less inclined to scroll through hundreds of what looks like Stories to find new music. It's an absolute eyesore and an assault on the ears to scroll through.

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Same, the home screen became unusable. Daily mixes, discover weekly, release radar etc all completely gone. In place of that a pixelated mess taking up a massive amount of screen space. Worst of all whatever is autoplaying is pausing the current song because it is NOT muted - despite the speaker icon indicating otherwise. It's awful design and a serious consideration for cancellation if not reverted asap. 

Hey TomJGad, you might not be familiar with the new home screen design. I hope this demo answers most of your questions:


People are complaining about this on Reddit. For some, it only starts playing when they tap the "card". For others like me, it starts immediately. I don't know if it's some kind of bug or insane A-B testing.


I can think of so many situations where this would be unacceptable.

Yeah it's awful, the home screen is practically unusable. Can't get to the Daily Mixes, it's a sluggish blurry pixelated mess, the audio is ALWAYS playing - despite the muted speaker icon - at a much higher volume than the current song, which it conveniently pauses. 

Yep yep it's absolutely horrendous. I'm not using the mobile app to look at pixalated out of context video snippets from some artist I've never heard of. 


As a workaround I put my daily mixes in playlist folder - since they're no longer reachable from the home screen - so I can get to them via the library and not open the home screen at all since the audio is ALWAYS PLAYING AND PAUSING THE CURRENT SONG. 

It's seriously bad. The home screen is completely unusable. Daily mixes, discover playlist are gone and replaced with a pixelated mess. Worst of all the audio is ALWAYS playing and pausing the current song so I just cannot go to the home anymore. Just awful. 

I hate everything about the new Home Screen layout. Automatically playing suggested music and podcasts absolutely infuriates me. I’ve been a loyal customer who uses this app constantly for many years, but Apple Music is looking pretty good right now. Terrible design. Please listen to the many complaints from your users and change the layout back to something user-friendly. 


I'm seeing a lot of people considering switching apps; a lot of threats, fist-shaking, and finger-wagging.  Can I offer a challenge to everyone?  Stop considering; stop thinking; stop threatening and shaking your fist.  Start doing.  Literally, right now, go research new music apps and start trying them.


The decision-makers at Spotify don't read your considerations, threats, or wishes.  They do, however, read profit margins, user numbers, screen time, and stock prices.  If you have something to tell them, start speaking their language.


So, that's my challenge; actually for real leave Spotify by the end of this weekend.  Give the execs some very interesting numbers to digest when they get to the office on Monday.

100%. I have been such an advocate for switching to Spotify, but this weekend I cancelled my family subscription. I will use other services until Spotify moves away from this asinine TikTok interface.  

I couldn't agree more. Even worse It's all video content without the option to turn that off. It's infuriating, not to mention the impact on mobile data usage.



This is awfull, not in in users's interest just ad's for music industry



I want to listen to music, not go into a tictoc rabbit hole!

This new update is so bad I cancelled service after finding out from tech support there is no way to switch it back. I signed up for Tidal instead. Kind of sad since I loved Spotify and have been a premium member for years. This new update sucks. 

Recent update to the android app home page is absolutely horrid. Reasons it is bad:


Takes up way too much space - users need to scroll much farther to see the same amount of content.


Unnecessarily busy - lots of moving images that tell users very little about the suggestion and are distracting. Short videos are unnecessary and unhelpful in selecting music.


Autoplay - app starts making noise as soon as it is opened, before user has made a selection, and connected to their desired output. Takes control out of the user's hands.


I hope that Spotify will addresses the mistakes with this update, and quickly. Few things have made me consider switching to another streaming service so seriously as this, it's absolutely terrible.

The app is basically unusable now.  I hate it. Why did Spotify do this to us? Why did they think it was a good idea? 

When I chatted with customer service they said it was a temp feature and that it would only be enable in my account for 2 days to 2 weeks. I hope. What she told me was true. 

Data usage is a great point. Hopefully they will revert to the old interface, or I will head to a new streaming service!

Thanks for sharing! I hope so, too—otherwise, they’re looking at a mass exodus of formerly loyal customers.

Hey blergh2,


Taking that video was really helpful. Thank you. Super annoying- your point is well-received. 

Sorry to ask you so many questions, but I’m curious as to how you originally arrived at the “Popular Album” that it keeps opening up after you close it out? I’m not able to replicate that, and it’s likely obvious and just due to a lack of use on my part. 

The last thing I will do is drag you along my learning curve, as what appears to be the source of the problem is not a feature I use on the app. Someone else on the team surely does, and I’ll expedite this by bringing them in. That said, if you’d be kind enough to provide how you got to the reappearing album/content, that would help. 

How long has this been going on? Have you previously reached out? 

Regardless, bad UX, certainly unintentional,  and I’ll bring it to the right eyeballs. 

Thanks again for the video- exactly the info needed. 

Thank you for taking care of this. I don't know about the "popular album" thing, it also seems to be different each time I restart the app. Currently it autoplays a "More like [artist]" card instead. Whatever the algorithm decides to show me I guess.


I've had the issue since I got the new home screen UI. Must have been a few days. Installed any pending updates of course. I have the same issue on another iOS device as well, so reinstalling most likely won't help. Definitely hope it's unintentional…

Does anyone know how to turn off the new home screen or disable the auto play of it's many many "recommendations"? 


It's really bad - forcing me to listen and watch stuff I have 0% interest in. Paying for a subscription should enable me to opt out of this "experience".  


Failing the removal of this abomination. Is it possible to swap it out for the 'made for you' in the search. At least there if it's a suggestion I don't like it's not forced down my throat. 


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