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New Interface?

New Interface?

Sorry but this new "tiktok-like" interface is so ugly. Spotify needs to realise that a familiar design on one app absolutely doesn't work for others. It doesn't "promote discovery" and honestly just makes me feel less inclined to scroll through hundreds of what looks like Stories to find new music. It's an absolute eyesore and an assault on the ears to scroll through.

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When I chatted with customer service they said it was a temp feature and that it would only be enable in my account for 2 days to 2 weeks. I hope. What she told me was true. 

Data usage is a great point. Hopefully they will revert to the old interface, or I will head to a new streaming service!

Thanks for sharing! I hope so, too—otherwise, they’re looking at a mass exodus of formerly loyal customers.

Hey blergh2,


Taking that video was really helpful. Thank you. Super annoying- your point is well-received. 

Sorry to ask you so many questions, but I’m curious as to how you originally arrived at the “Popular Album” that it keeps opening up after you close it out? I’m not able to replicate that, and it’s likely obvious and just due to a lack of use on my part. 

The last thing I will do is drag you along my learning curve, as what appears to be the source of the problem is not a feature I use on the app. Someone else on the team surely does, and I’ll expedite this by bringing them in. That said, if you’d be kind enough to provide how you got to the reappearing album/content, that would help. 

How long has this been going on? Have you previously reached out? 

Regardless, bad UX, certainly unintentional,  and I’ll bring it to the right eyeballs. 

Thanks again for the video- exactly the info needed. 

It is so unbelievably bad I'm considering switching to AM or Deezer. I could maybe deal with the new design if I could switch off the audio when scrolling down but nope. How the **bleep** did this get past any sort of in house preview/ testing?

Thank you for taking care of this. I don't know about the "popular album" thing, it also seems to be different each time I restart the app. Currently it autoplays a "More like [artist]" card instead. Whatever the algorithm decides to show me I guess.


I've had the issue since I got the new home screen UI. Must have been a few days. Installed any pending updates of course. I have the same issue on another iOS device as well, so reinstalling most likely won't help. Definitely hope it's unintentional…

Does anyone know how to turn off the new home screen or disable the auto play of it's many many "recommendations"? 


It's really bad - forcing me to listen and watch stuff I have 0% interest in. Paying for a subscription should enable me to opt out of this "experience".  


Failing the removal of this abomination. Is it possible to swap it out for the 'made for you' in the search. At least there if it's a suggestion I don't like it's not forced down my throat. 


I have to say that all people I know didn' t like the new UI! For me It's horrible to have videos autoplay when I want to play music with spotify to calm down. It drives you crazy. And also my both young daughters hate the UI. We discussed it in our family. If Spotify didn't opt out this new UI, we will quit. 

Terrible update

I completely agree.


Just been talking to a Customer Service agent who said


  • there is no way to stop the videos or audio from auto playing on the new homescreen. (Even though in settings there is for songs we choose to listen to for ourselves). 
  • This is a test feature we've been assigned to. Once you have been assigned as a "test subject" you can't request to be removed or have your old (in my opinion better) homescreen back.
  • She didn't have any information about this new feature being reverted back. 
  • She said there is no formal complaints procedure. I guess the most you can do it post here, chat with a customer Service agent who will pass on your comments to the team dealing with the feature,**bleep** or of course cancel your subscription. 
  • Thankfully at least for now she said the PCs will be unaltered it's just a change for mobile apps. 

It's a very disappointing outcome. Hopefully someone from the team will consider if not having this change reverted at least having the option to stop the homescreen auto playing. 

I'm looking at alternatives to Spotify because of this abomination. I have years invested in Playlist etc., but this is the last straw. 



Yeah I mean I can’t imagine why Spotify would deliberately create a frustrating experience like this. 

Skip to the bottom if you don’t feel like reading a novel. 

A commonality I’m finding as someone who is a part of a volunteer-based Spotify Community assistance program is that the lack of communication around testing new features can be frustrating for regular users who have formed habits and preferences with the app. 

Ultimately, it’s a bad business decision to frustrate customers, and I’m sure that Spotify’s top leadership would wholeheartedly agree. The steps to prevent these frustrations aren’t clear, and I can’t speak on behalf of their engineers.


I work at a small internet firm that builds websites for a niche industry- I am in charge of our Business Development and Partnership Programs, and am not a coder. I do know, though, that we have very clear and high expectations of our developers and those in charge of making sure our sites operate as intended. A central tenant of their job is to avoid mistakes. Mistakes cost money. I would imagine that the folks at Spotify in similar roles are astronauts. They’re going to make mistakes, but I doubt they are reckless or doing anything loosely. These are my opinions and assumptions- everyone is entitled to their own. 

I know it’s probably annoying to hear flowery language about Spotify from someone who is working on their behalf to improve their product and engage with their users, but I don’t think that Spotify has malicious intent. I think they certainly make mistakes, and it’s really helpful when they’re spotted so they can be fixed.


I also think that they have a responsibility to act in the best interests of their business and embrace the future of content streaming, so it is a certainty that they will never make all of their users happy. What’s cool about this community is that you actually do have a voice, and something in the vein of what you pointed out is something worth addressing. 

I’ll be in touch with more information as soon as I can.



Stupid company blag, it isn't better it is worse. What do I want ? Play the music I like. Is that easy now ? No, Not at all!!!






I completely agree I just received this update and I hate it. I enjoy browsing the Home Screen to find new stuff to losten to later. Now I can’t do that without my phone constantly playing noise. Also, I like to take my time scrolling and auto play totally details your train of thought. Spotify is not the app to do this. If it is then it needs to be its own discover feature. 

A new update has transformed the main menu where suggested songs and podcasts automatically play as you scroll through them. This is disruptive and uses data to play audio and video that users didn't yet choose. Please allow an option to disable automatic previews, thanks!

Agreed! At least give us the option to stop autoplaying each thing you have to scroll through.

100% agree. I'm really disappointed with the new homepage. Please swap back to the old one soon Spotify!

Earlier today, I noticed that the new "TikTok style" home page rolled out to my phone, and like most people I did not like the change or the fact that I could not turn it off. After some browsing of the Spotify Community and Reddit, it seems that some people have received this change over a week ago, and some people have not received it at all. 


Based on how Spotify has rolled out (or cancelled) new features in the past, it is reasonable to assume they are testing this potentially controversial change by rolling it out to a small portion of the user base and waiting to see if feedback is positive or negative. Based on the feedback I have seen, I expect that this feature will not make it to everyone's device, or at least an option to disable it will be added.


While it is likely that this feature is just being tested to get feedback, we cannot know for sure if this is the case because there is not a lot of communication between Spotify and it's users about new features like this. I believe that by being transparent and straightforward about new changes, Spotify will receive better feedback and users will feel like their opinions matter.


Maybe when a new feature is being rolled out, such as the TikTok UI, a little popup could let the user know that they are receiving this change early, and that it may not be permanent if feedback is not positive. There could also be a dedicated page in the app or support/forum/feedback channel specifically for each new feature being tested, to make it easier for users to give feedback.


Overall, it would be beneficial if Spotify went out of their way to let users know about testing of new features in order to clear up any uncertainty. Spotify wants their users to be happy so they keep being users, and the users want Spotify to listen to their feedback so they are happy to keep being users. 


TL;DR: Spotify should be transparent and straightforward about new features. "Hey we're testing this new home page in hopes that more people use our app. It is only being rolled out to a small percentage of the user base, but let us know if it sucks and we won't keep it."


Edit: Maybe there could be an option to opt out of feature testing.

Just got this as well **bleep** awful. Kill it with fire!

Dear Spotify, please get rid of this ASAP.


just signed up for tidal family plan trial. app has the old spotify feel and nothing like a tiktok clone.

big test is how the 3 young people in my house feel about it. the music videos tab will definatly appeal to two of them. we will see in 4 weeks.. tik tok


"While change can be uncomfortable at first, it can also bring new and exciting opportunities to discover music and podcasts."

we will see @prague 👍

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