New Interface?

New Interface?

Sorry but this new "tiktok-like" interface is so ugly. Spotify needs to realise that a familiar design on one app absolutely doesn't work for others. It doesn't "promote discovery" and honestly just makes me feel less inclined to scroll through hundreds of what looks like Stories to find new music. It's an absolute eyesore and an assault on the ears to scroll through.

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Terrible update

I completely agree.


Just been talking to a Customer Service agent who said


  • there is no way to stop the videos or audio from auto playing on the new homescreen. (Even though in settings there is for songs we choose to listen to for ourselves). 
  • This is a test feature we've been assigned to. Once you have been assigned as a "test subject" you can't request to be removed or have your old (in my opinion better) homescreen back.
  • She didn't have any information about this new feature being reverted back. 
  • She said there is no formal complaints procedure. I guess the most you can do it post here, chat with a customer Service agent who will pass on your comments to the team dealing with the feature,**bleep** or of course cancel your subscription. 
  • Thankfully at least for now she said the PCs will be unaltered it's just a change for mobile apps. 

It's a very disappointing outcome. Hopefully someone from the team will consider if not having this change reverted at least having the option to stop the homescreen auto playing. 

I'm looking at alternatives to Spotify because of this abomination. I have years invested in Playlist etc., but this is the last straw. 



Yeah I mean I can’t imagine why Spotify would deliberately create a frustrating experience like this. 

Skip to the bottom if you don’t feel like reading a novel. 

A commonality I’m finding as someone who is a part of a volunteer-based Spotify Community assistance program is that the lack of communication around testing new features can be frustrating for regular users who have formed habits and preferences with the app. 

Ultimately, it’s a bad business decision to frustrate customers, and I’m sure that Spotify’s top leadership would wholeheartedly agree. The steps to prevent these frustrations aren’t clear, and I can’t speak on behalf of their engineers.


I work at a small internet firm that builds websites for a niche industry- I am in charge of our Business Development and Partnership Programs, and am not a coder. I do know, though, that we have very clear and high expectations of our developers and those in charge of making sure our sites operate as intended. A central tenant of their job is to avoid mistakes. Mistakes cost money. I would imagine that the folks at Spotify in similar roles are astronauts. They’re going to make mistakes, but I doubt they are reckless or doing anything loosely. These are my opinions and assumptions- everyone is entitled to their own. 

I know it’s probably annoying to hear flowery language about Spotify from someone who is working on their behalf to improve their product and engage with their users, but I don’t think that Spotify has malicious intent. I think they certainly make mistakes, and it’s really helpful when they’re spotted so they can be fixed.


I also think that they have a responsibility to act in the best interests of their business and embrace the future of content streaming, so it is a certainty that they will never make all of their users happy. What’s cool about this community is that you actually do have a voice, and something in the vein of what you pointed out is something worth addressing. 

I’ll be in touch with more information as soon as I can.



I completely agree I just received this update and I hate it. I enjoy browsing the Home Screen to find new stuff to losten to later. Now I can’t do that without my phone constantly playing noise. Also, I like to take my time scrolling and auto play totally details your train of thought. Spotify is not the app to do this. If it is then it needs to be its own discover feature. 

A new update has transformed the main menu where suggested songs and podcasts automatically play as you scroll through them. This is disruptive and uses data to play audio and video that users didn't yet choose. Please allow an option to disable automatic previews, thanks!

Agreed! At least give us the option to stop autoplaying each thing you have to scroll through.

100% agree. I'm really disappointed with the new homepage. Please swap back to the old one soon Spotify!

Just got this as well **bleep** awful. Kill it with fire!

Dear Spotify, please get rid of this ASAP.


I’ve been a paying Spotify customer since it became available in the US. This is the most significant anti-feature Spotify has ever rolled out. Either Spotify needs to add a setting to disable this, or I need to move to a different streaming service. 

I just got an update for the app and I have the same experience. The layout is unusable, but what really annoyed me instantly is the auto-play. Who thought this was a good idea?


I might look into alternatives to Spotify at this rate...

One of my reasons for having spotify was the previous homescreen with a lot of suggestions of playlists and artists for a variety of music styles which you could easily browse very quickly. 


The new homescreen completely breaks the experience. On my A52 I only one suggestion can be shown on the screen. Scrolling takes forever. One swipe only shifts one tile up. Ther is no scrolling acceleration. Suggestions per style are gone. For me it is completely useless and strongly devaluates spotify.


Suggetion: This new layout is not an alternative to the previous home screen. Instead it should be a seperate menu like the search menu and your library menu for users liking this style. 


Please change this new layout to a separate menu or give users the option to choose between home screen style. The current new layout could be a deal breaker in the future for me unfortunately...


The latest UX decisions are baffling. Auto play and the forced Tile experience are just about enough to push me to another service. Why do I have to go into Search to find the "for you" curated lists? Why do I have to go anywhere but the home screen to get to meaningful collections? Scrolling through the screen 5 swipes should give me the ability to see more than 4-5 suggestions... This is incredibly inefficient. 


The only thing keeping me is the lack of motivation to migrate my playlists and knowing that Tidal, for instance, doesn't work as well for casting/multi room audio yet. 


I know this post is probably meaningless but figured getting my voice out there was important since I'm sure there's many others like me. 

This new home screen is simply the worst. It is unusable and very annoying. I don't understand the need to force TikTok-like experiences on every app.

Now, I'm afraid to open the app because sometimes it reverts the mute option I selected on the tiles and starts playing a random song fragment at the most inconvenient time.


The closest thing I've found to the old home page is navigating to 'search' and then 'made for you', but why do I have to do that every time?


Looking for ways to install and old version of the app. But I don't trust old version repositories from the internet.



In my opinion the vertical Tik Tok style home screen is making it harder to discover new music than the older layout that had horizontally scrolling albums.


The different horizontally scrolling sections like new releases for you, recently played, similar to (artist name), or jump back in made it very easy to quickly browse over a number of albums to find new music or track back to what I was listening to before.


With the vertical layout the recently played and jump back in sections are gone making it harder for me to quickly click on something I had been listening to before. I'm finding I need to go to the search bar to type in specific album or artists a lot more often. I'm also spending more time scrolling down the vertical feed to find good recommended music than I did before. With the albums at a glance layout I was able to see more music recommendations at once and found my way to listening to the music that I wanted faster.


At the end of the day I just want to get to listening to music faster and not have to waste time scrolling through large blocks of recommended content. If the point of Spotify is to be a music platform, I think a layout more similar to a file browser instead of a social media platform would serve the listeners better in finding the music they want faster.


That's my request to bring back the older more efficient layout that I think a lot of us were pretty content with.

Barely usable, can't find anything anymore. 

Please, at least give us an option to change it back. 

Must be the worst decision they have made so far. 

Just cancelled my subscription. What's the best alternative to switch to? Excluding Apple Music.

I like to know too. The best option to move to. YouTube Music?

Like many others, I have found myself frustrated over the changes made to the spotify home screen. It seems to be following a trend to make everything more ‘tik tok’ like, one which i personally really dislike. Despite the many complaints over this change it has still been pushed, and for many like me makes the home screen unusable - where I can no longer easily access any of the playlists and daily mixes that I used to. A very simple fix could be just to include a slider in settings to “simplify home screen” or something to that effect.  That way, everyone can have the option to use the old layout, without needing to downgrade the app to a previous version and stop updating. It also then allows for more customisability, while retaining consistency for all - which is always good

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