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So I just received a email showing your letter you sent PragerU ending your relationship due to their content being offensive?! I personally watch these videos and they are far from offensive. Please consider supporting free speech and stop catering to one side. The only way to remain a free society is to protect all speech even if we do not agree with it. Just wait for the day you find yourself on the other side of the tracks.... please be a open platform for all ideas!


I agree with this. I do not want to have to leave another platform because they unfairly target conservative or

libertarian views, but I will. This is America. We are supposed to support free speech, free expression. It's your business But I for one will stop using it and encourage the many people I know to do so as well. My son works for several popular artists who put their music on your site. I wonder how they feel about censorship by businessness.  I'm fed up with platforms being so one sided.  

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I quite agree. If Spotify does not change this policy I will leave, and I will encourage all my friends to do the same. After all, Tidal offers more or less the same content. And competition is something we should encourage. I would also like to see Spotify's reasoning behind this. Is it because they have some agenda beyond music, or have they succumbed to pressure from leftists?


I hope Spotify can find a way to stop feeding into the hate and bigotry against people that don't comply with and wholeheartedly uphold the left's narrative. I hope Spotify agrees with the freedom of speech that the Constitution provides to EVERYONE. I hope Spotify will not continue to decide what I can and can not listen to as a free American. I want to hear both sides. I want to have open discussions of issues. I don't want us to become a country much like Germany did when they started their wave of hate against a group of people (the Jews) that didn't agree with them. Is it too much to ask for Spotify to just abide by the law of the land and allow freedom of speech?

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SPLC used to be an honorable institution doing good work.

That has changed. 

They now label all conservative organizations as hate groups. They post their explanations on line. The explanations use remote associations with groups that are hate groups to brand legitimate organizations. 

If they applied similar standards to left leaning groups they would have branded the women’s march as a hate group because of its association with anti Semitic folks. 

SPLC has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars as a front for extreme left wing activists. 

Don’t use them as a proxy for your editorial judgment or you have sold your integrity  . 


I find it interesting that they have multiple Liberal podcasts (Rachel Maddie and such) but they are banning conservative points of view? Since when have they decided that they are going to jump into the political pool? I think they just need to revaluation this and have someone that is less biased or have a team make a team decision about the censorship of conservative pints of view. We need to be able to hear both sides and make INFORMED decisions

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I agree that the censorship should stop. This thread has an unfortunate title. The first amendment restrictions against censorship applies only to the government. Spotify is not the government.
However, it does not promote itself as a political entity although it is becoming one by using a leftist organization to make its decisions for it.

I completely agree. I find it preposterous that it took Spotify literally years to do anything about all the complaints about explicit content but less than a month for them to ban Prager U. The company obviously didn't care that people didn't want to be exposed foul language but they have a huge problem with people being exposed to thinking that differs from their own. It is abhorrent behavior and incredibly disappointing that companies like this are so afraid of allowing conservative thought that they block it. Especially that they block it with no real explanation. I am leaving the platform and I encourage others to do the same. I'll come back when Spotify is grown up enough to allow people to hear ideas that they don't agree with. 


Very disappointed to see that Spotify decided to censure Prager U.   They produce no offensive content whatsoever, unless you are offended by references to the constitution, christianity, and what are generally called conservative ideas and values.


C'mon Spotify, you're supposed to be promoting "music for everyone", not just liberals.


I am HUGELY disappointed that Spotify has acted in so distasteful a manner. This is discrimination , plain and simple. Shame on you Spotify.  Censorship is wrong. 


If you are a service that is only for liberals, have the stones to say so. You should say this when people register. You need to put language on your home page that says: 

"We practice censorship at Spotify by suppressing thoughts and ideas that differ from our own " 


I will not be using your service until you change this practice.  BTW - will you also start to ban artists that offer different viewpoints than yours? 


Yes I am not happy about this either. Sure, lets have music that degrades gender or race along with foul languge, but heaven forbid you are paid to advertise something from a conservative group. There is nothing hateful or obscene about PragU, they simply show concervative ideas (small government, human rights, liberty etc...)

Just because you don't agree with anothers ideology does not mean you should ban it.