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So I just received a email showing your letter you sent PragerU ending your relationship due to their content being offensive?! I personally watch these videos and they are far from offensive. Please consider supporting free speech and stop catering to one side. The only way to remain a free society is to protect all speech even if we do not agree with it. Just wait for the day you find yourself on the other side of the tracks.... please be a open platform for all ideas!


How is PragerU "anti-science" ? Please be specific because I have found the opposite to be true.

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Here's a 20 minute video detailing everything wrong with a PragerU video about how the British Empire was actually spreading freedom around the world to places like America and India. Ignoring evidence to make your own viewpoint is anti-science. 



As a red-blooded American, I certainly am no fan of the behavior of England. That being said, while there are some holes in that video, there are holes in every story. For example, why didn't Shaun mention that Ghandi fought FOR the British Empire in South Africa? Ghandi insisted "niggers" shouldnt get equal treatment and went to university in England and slept with 12 year old girls. And if this is a discussion of national growth and maturity, where would you rather live: England or China? England or Iran? England or....


Also, British women noticed the unfair treatment to Indian women and began to take a stand and assisted them with fighting for rights and power. Reforms and revolution began to take place, not only amongst women, but amongst men who wanted to rebel from British rule. These events all triggered what was to be the end of Bristish Colonialism. Do you like that Bristish influence?


There are mistakes in the video, but that is a far cry from "anti-science."


Any other videos that are "anti-science" ?

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Anti-science? Can you expand on that?
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Of course, England is the worst country in the world, historically speaking, having invaded directly or indirectly every country on the globe but 22.... And most problems we have with migration stems from theirs and the Frenchies drawing lines
willy-nilly on the hap, mixing the incompatible with other incompatibles. World War II was a direct result of
the 'rape' of Germany after World War I. I think we can all agree on these things. However, even you like me do not agree
with everything Prager U says, that does not mean they should be censored.

Censorship is bad. Bottom line.


If you ever bother to listen to your clientele, aka, the ones who bring in the money for you; listen to those of us subscribers who want PragerU back “on the air”.  They are a fantastic wealth of knowledge and common sense that you obviously have a problem with. I am sickened by your display of censorship again PragerU and other entities that may not share your beliefs or political agendas.  For you to act in such a childish way, by blocking those groups that you disagree with, is infuriating! You are acting just like a bully that no one respects or likes. Your reason for being here used to be to bring music and podcasts to all people without commercials or breaks. Period. Now you’ve decided you want to dip your finger in the world of censorship.  Way to go. I’m sure China and North Korea are super proud of you. I, however, am not.  Here in America, the land of the free... the country where freedom of speech is protected... the country where you are making money hand over fist BECAUSE we free Americans CHOOSE your services...you’re now deciding to censor a program that is brave enough to share a conservative viewpoint. This is just the way a weak, pathetic bully would act. If your shameless actions continue; I certainly hope, and will be crossing my fingers, that your company will be next on the list for PragerU to sue.  Or just maybe, decisions will be made in government to squash your petty little bully act. I’m sure all of this will fall on deaf ears, if it even gets read at all, but; I wanted to put my “two cents” in anyway because I wanted to add to your growing list of complaints about this subject.  I enjoy listening to and creating my own playlists, but; you’ve gotta know, that I can certainly do without you. Many of us can. The question is...can you do without us? 

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Well said!
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I mean... Spotify's a company. The Bill of Rights protects the citizens from the government. It doesn't apply to Spotify. Also, Spotify is Swedish, so the Bill of Rights extra doesn't apply to it.


It's fine to disagree with their actions here. I personally don't have an issue with a private company taking a partisan stance by not giving a platform to organizations whose message they don't support, but I absolutely get the position that they should give an equal say to both sides. But the argument that they're doing something in violation of the Bill of Rights or the American Way or whatever is incoherent.

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