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So I just received a email showing your letter you sent PragerU ending your relationship due to their content being offensive?! I personally watch these videos and they are far from offensive. Please consider supporting free speech and stop catering to one side. The only way to remain a free society is to protect all speech even if we do not agree with it. Just wait for the day you find yourself on the other side of the tracks.... please be a open platform for all ideas!


I listened to all the ads that PragerU had on the platform and didn't find any to be offensive. I get that some of your audience may get offended simply by the premise of the questions being asked, but that's on them - not you.  I do understand that you want a happy audience, as that equals more traffic in your app, but silencing ads based on political preference hinders free speech, which is something I'm adamantly against. Please reconsider allowing PragerU to advertise.




I just let the company know that I will no longer be using
their service until your company decides to stop their censorship of
refusing to run PragerU adds. I will now be using Pandora and will be
educated and encouraging everyone else I know to do the same!


Censorship of PragerU advertisements reveals Spotify's distain for those who hold a worldview that the western world was built on and indeed needs in order to survive! What a pityfull action on Spotify's part! Will be cancelling my subscription unless Spotify withdraws this decision.


“My wish for you... is that your skeptic-eclectic brain be flooded with the light of truth.” 

 Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The First Circle
“A great disaster had befallen Russia*: Men have forgotten God; that's why all this has happened.” 
― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn
*Add the Western world!
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When we criticise the **bleep** for burning books we never ask which books they burnt (incidentally they were concerned about anything that undermined traditional family values, Hitler was adamant when it came to such things). And that is because burning books are wrong. Censorship is wrong. But it is the favourite tool together with violence in the socialist portfolio. To see that Spotify has succumbed to this is scary, and makes me wonder what is next. Read George Orwell and see what the leftists' true colours are. Spotify, you need to decide which side you are on. Maybe you think that there is more money in toeing the commie line of oppression. But so did Hillary Clinton. If you loose half the potential listeners that is most likely not commerciably sensible.  


Spotify is telling it's conservative customers to get lost.  If they don't change this ridiculous policy, I will comply.


I also received word that Spotify is censoring PragerU and I certainly won't consider upgrading or even using the Spoify service.  PragerU exhibits some of the finest, well-researched, quality broadcasts available. The fact that they may disagree with your agenda does not in any way besmirch them or negate the message. Please grow up.


Has there been any private or public feedback from the gentle folks at Spotify to anyone?

I've only heard Prager say that some of his listeners tell him they've left Spotify.  Nothing more from other sources.

Thank you,

Gary Fredricks

Silence.... I posted after seeing the initial post and commenting nothing has ever come from their side unless you count the fact I got a newbie badge for first post.
I haven't been actually following posts other than what they sent me. Given the circumstances, I have deleted Spotify from my phone and TV. Psychodan

In general, not taking any sides on wether the content in questions is offensive or not I'm not a huge fan of corporates to start sensoring/banning content based on their subjective views of the world. As freedom of speech is fundamental parts of the western world the challenge naturally is that some find some content offensive and others don't.  Generally it is percieved in our society that people choose them selves what content they read/listen/watch based on their idea of offensiveness and there should be no one doing the decission for them. There is clear danger that soon we will have sensorship in place for content because some one finds it against their political agenda, which then starts to turn our society towards Orwell's world of controlled news and monitoring. 


So as a general request to Spotify, please do not begin to be the judge, jury and executioner of content as it is the way to very dark path. 😃