Allow playing stream on multiple PCs simultaneously

It would be good to be able to stream a song onto a few PCS in the house simultaneously so that they play at the same time...So you listen to yer banging tune, in whatever room you walk into.  🙂

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Love this idea!

This is the fourth page of ideas I have read, and this is the first one which was slightly thinking-outside-the-box. Good work. I'd love to see this implemented as well!


/ Andreas



Yes, please...

And the spotify app could be taken one step futher with this app.

You could have 3 PCs running spotify at the same time in different rooms, and still manage your songs through your mobile device (like an remote)


that would be awsome... 


i thought the same thing and am glad that someone else has thought to post about it also. I always have music playing in either my room or the living room, but obviously i could never do both. What do we need to do to get them to do this for us?

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I found an app which.does this pretty well. Google airfoil.
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Please make it possible to play streams on different devices simultaneously. I would pay for it.

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Yep just like Netflix allows you to stream to multiple place at the same time. I'd pay extra if that was possible.

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There are two great uses cases for which I would pay a slight premium for:


1.  Streaming to multiple devices in multiple rooms (Sonos, ipad, WDTV, etc) - a whole house audio if you will

2.  I can share a common set of playlists with my family (I don't want my 6 and 9 year olds to have their own account at this age but they LOVE spotify.  Problem is I get kicked off all of the time because they jump on!  🙂


I have been looking for this feature for a couple of years.  Getting close to 40 Kudos so hopefully this will get reviewed and prioritized for an upcoming release!


Airfoil is (may be) the answer (for some)!


I've just downloaded Airfoil and the Airfoil Speakers app... and it works!


Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers make it possible to play your music on iTunes, Spotify etc. simultaneously in every room where you have a device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, iPod etc). Right now I'm playing my music from Spotify from my Macbook Pro (Airfoil is running on this computer) sending it to my Mac Mini (Airfoil Speakers App is running on this one).


However, it cost 25 bucks. On trial mode you can play your music for 10 min. and then a white noise overlay starts. But for 25 dollars you can do what we all are looking for in this forum:) 

(Apparently Airfoil has been around a couple of years).


I've only tested it for 10 min., and the noise did start, but everything worked just fine. Nevertheless, there was a small lag making the music a bit out of sync. But it was not anything I found too annoying. 


Hope you guys find this useful:)



The blog where I learned about Airfoil:




Airfoil Speakers App:

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Yes please, Airfoil only works from a desk based machine.  I want to stream from my iphone or ipad.  Seedio will do this but only for itunes or youtube(??).