Listening history across all devices

I have Spotify on PCs at home and work.  I noticed that the "History" section in the "Play Queue" is limited to songs played on that device.


It is my understading that a unified play queue is coming (


I think it would be good to unified play history.

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Marked as new idea. It's also been a sub point of another idea here: but I think it's worth to have a seperate idea for that, especially now with Spotify Connect rolling out, as you mentioned. 😉



I just found out that the play history is device-specific anfte spending half an hour looking for a song on PC A that had been played on PC B.


A unified play history (that could be filtered by device) is a good idea.


Given Spotify's usual track record for responding to customer feedback, I presume we will never see it! 


I feel a rant coming on....



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This is a good idea to allow you to pickup listening where you left off on another device


Can't wait for this to be implemented.

Either sync Play Queue accross devices or at least being able to see the Play Queue of the device in the mobile version.


Any update on this? We sort-of have the universal play queue now, how about the history! 

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Man, that would be great. Since Spotify is such a multi-platform app, and since so many of us use it on different devices at different times of the day and week, it seems like it would be a great idea. Also since only one user is using any one device at a time, it would seem pretty simple. Please make this a priority, Spotify.


Great idea, for last several days I was trying to figure out why my recently played songs on my phone and history on my desktop don't match and now I see why.


Please, please, please!

This would be invaluable!


Coming from Rdio, I was surprised this behavior wasn't the default. A unified queue and history across all devices sharing an account makes much more sense to me.


Rdio had this, loved Rdio. Settling with spotify this is a very noticeable loss. I naturally walk from my car to the office and want to continue listening to the same thing.