More QA and Beta Testing: Get More Customer Feedback on New & Deprecated Features

We at Reddit r/Spotify are getting very tired of Spotify ignoring us paying customers. Please change your business model because we feel that the current one ignores us way too much.




1.  If community is to used then please ask before removing major features like notifications (or conduct a focus survey)   

Are deptartments in your business so siloed that decisions are made seperate from other departments and without an overall regard for user experience? 

How many years has Spotify been in business?  Yet it still feels like it's in beta and features are being added and removed as Spotify pleases with disregard to customer's feedback and outrage.  


2.  Test code more thoughroughly before releasing an update.  

Maybe agile workfolow doesn't have to be so fast and untesteted.  Hire more QA personel. 


3.  Hire more dedicated customer support personel.

It's very frustrating realizing that you can only talk to other paying customers about issues you're having and if you really want to make a fuss then you have to go to twitter.



Just a Few issues to mention as an example:

  • Folower count is gone inside Desktop playlists
  • Notifications of new songs gone
  • Lyrics gone on desktop client
  • Can't interact with playlist followers
  • Inbox is buggy and takes hours for messages to show
  • No incentive to get followers or make good playlists
  • No rhyme or reason to the whole "follow process"
  • Release Notes are not out there anymore
  • Shuffle is not random
  • Notifications don't work on mobile
  • New community site design is huge step back
  • Need clearing cache option for IOS
  • Should not have click on 5 things to get to my playlists (mobile)
  • Should not have a limit to songs saved
  • "Not right now" for bringing back widely voted feature shoud not be an option
  • So many more bugs and bad decisions that take away from good customer experience, couldn't list them all. 


Status changed to: Case Closed
Updated: 2016-08-05

Hey folks, we're marking this as 'Case Closed for a number of reasons. 

Feel free to leave more feedback for individual ideas here in the Idea Exchange. Thanks