Smart Offline Mode with no WiFi

To avoid running up data charges for those of use without unlimited plans on our mobile devices:


It would be fantastic if spotify could detect the absence of the WiFi network and automatically switch to offline mode to avoid streaming on 3G/4G. Ideally, you could turn this option on or off depending on your preference. Even the ability to simply turn off 3G streaming would be an improvement (this option already exists for synching). 


As it is, i have to remember to turn offline mode on and off everytime i leave a wifi network. This frequent toggling of the offline mode has resulted in the loss of my synched content on several occasions. Adding this feature to the settings menu would save me time and money, improve the overall experience of the app, and create another draw for the premium subscription.


Anyone agree? Thanks!


yes! would indeed be very welcome to have an option not to use 3G at all. just to avoid using limited data plans. (unfortunately i sometimes forget to enable offline mode)


Hey James, I think this would be a great idea too. I hope you don't mind but I edited the title to make it a bit less shouty. Hopefully this will help it attract a few more votes.

This would be great as I am constantly using up my data allowance because I don't realise I'm streaming over 3G I can use the phones settings to stop spotify using data in the background but this also stops scrobbling which sucks
I just maxed out my limit two months in a row because of listening to Spotify without using offline mode. Activating it automatically would be a great help. Obviously, you'd be able to override it manually.

Yes, please implement it.

Make the option to stream only through WiFi and not 3G!

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Me too!!

This would be very welcome indeed! Wonder why they haven't thought of it themselves? An option to turn of cellular streaming would be great!

Currently it takes 7 taps to switch on or off the mode!!! Rediculous!!! For ten euros each months, this should be implemented!

Casual Listener

Agreed. When I'm in my car I want to avoid heavy mobile data usage, but when I'm at home or at work (and thus connected through Wifi) it's no problem to stream. Should be easy enough to implement and it would be greatly appreciated!