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In settings of the Spotify App should be a "News" section. On this page: "Play news every:" (Here user enter minutes) "minutes from that categories:"( here user switches on and off in a list of topics: politics, economy, sports, music,....)
On the bottom of the page is a switch titled with "breaking news". (This very important news from above topics are played as soon as they publish).

News can be enabled or disabled in the "song view" while listening music. If enabled, news will be played like ads between songs.
For free users one ad follows each newssection (as ads disturb less after news than between songs)

Spotify should present that news based on Twitter.
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Marked as new idea. This idea requests to have the option to play certain news from categories that you can choose from in certain time intervals.

You also might want to support a similar idea that suggests to play news every hour here. 😉


I know posting this a bit late on this idea.


But this is the one feature thats keeping me from going sub on Spotify.    I love S*****R radio for that simple feature alone, great for office use with the news update and sports.



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Updated: 2015-08-25

Update: This idea has been submitted again here:


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