[Symbian] Update Symbian App

Dear Spotify team(s),


I realize that this has been requested on a number of occasions, but I believe I am speaking for us all when I say that your old Symbian subscribers are standing with their backs up against the wall regarding your mobile support.


I wasn't sure whether I should laugh or cry when a search for "Symbian" within this forum returned the answer: "Do you mean Symbol". This goes a long way to prove the degree to which the Symbian community has been forgotten. Indeed, the "newest" provided version of Spotify for Symbian (as far as I know) is, which was released back in 2009.

I will grant you that it has worked well for years, until two weeks ago (more or less) when the application ceased to go online anymore.

As a result, all of your long-faithful Symbian subscribers will have their favorite music expiring on their respective devices. You can read the related discussion over at your community help forums.


Given the fact that the Symbian version always required a Premium subscription and that you still provide said application on your website, I think it is fair to demand that it should work.


TL;DR - So our request is, in short; please don't pull the plug on Symbian, and please, update the old, long-served application.


With many thanks,

- Hande



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Best joke ive seen today 


Just tried it on my wifes Nokia 808 and it does not work, is spotify reading this i paid for premium the only option available. Can they give us a update


My Nokia 700 is not working either anymore. Do i pay the Spotify Premium for nothing? Please work this out!



Symbian is reallty a dated OS and where you see this anymore is in the barcoade scanner realm.  So from a develpement standpoint it does not make much sense to focus energies on such.  Right up there with BlackBerry.


Well, it worked fine. So Spotify fixed it and it does not work anymore? I would like to know how much costs it will take to have a perfectly working and ready application in use and have satisfied customers with that?


Well, technically, we don't need an update for the Spotify app. It just needs to work again, as it did for years. So all Spotify would need to do is flip back that switch they triggered a few weeks ago and everything would be fine again. But it's probably some big IT decision 😞


I'd imagine they've 'updated' parts of their web-side for improvements to Android, iOS and possibly WP applications, so it wouldn't be quite as easy as 'making it work' for Symbian, who has a global market share of between 0.8-1.4%.


Time to upgrade to a cheap Lumia 550 windows phone (£50-£70) or a cheap android phone 😉


Sorry, i really thought it was a joke !