[Your Music] Ability to view Friend's 'Your Music'

Hey Spotify,


I am very happy about the possibility to save music and view it in the order of artists and albums, not just playlists. This change was made a little while ago, great! Now, one improvement on that which I would like to see is the ability to view a friends saved artists and albums on their profile, not just their recently played artists. Just like one can view their playlists. Then, of course, the ability to make stuff private or public should be incorporated.

Other than that, I am very satisfied. 

Thanks for the effort.

PS: The new colour green is ugly

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Bumpitty bump. This would be awesome.

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29 kudos should be enough for some kind of post-upgrade, right? Maybe an upgrade to 'post-which-should-definitely-be-incorporated-into-the-next-update-of-spotify' or so? By the way, I am infatuated with the discover weekly playlist.

100% agree. Including the new not-so-great green.


This. Just switched to the Spotify Family plan and want my wifes account to have all the albums we've been collectively sharing for the last x years. This seems like a huge flaw in the Family Plan and may end with me cancelling it. Better we just keep sharing it than she has to manually add the hundreds of albums again...

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Yeah, Make a new tab "browse friends playlists". I dont want to enter each profile to check their playlists.

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Yes, please! Community features really need to be improved. People are looking for good music all the time, and Spotify has an endless collection to choose from. Spotify has a nice music suggestion engine, but another way to find new music is to check the library of our friends. Since the playlist feature is sort of poor (i.e. no album / artist views for playlists), many of us collect music as saved music, which is a bit better organised than playlists. But our friends cannot see what we save, hence they cannot see much of our music library.


Above this, there are endless ideas for improving community features like: dynamic playlists (like new music friday, release radar, etc...) based on friends' collections or finding people in the web who listen similar music to us, then suggest music based on their listening habits, etc...

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