[Your Music] Remove Items in 'Recently Played' permanently

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Current implementation:

Items in "Recently Played" list are hideable via the menu button.

However, these items come back when you reconnect the device to the Internet (or log into Spotify).

In addition, items that are hidden cannot be unhidden until reconnection to the Internet or relogin of Spotify.



Proposed implementation:

Replace "Hide" funciton with a "Remove" function.

Removes the item permanently (across all devices that is logged into the same account).
"Hide" function can remain as long as there is an option to unhide these items instead of reappearing after reconnecting to the Internet or relogging into Spotify.




Additional idea:

Remove all Played History, does the same as removing an item, but to all items.


Previously this idea got 34 votes, can we get 100 votes this time round?


It's crazy that this has not been implemented yet.  I played some music for my kids, I do not want to be recommended this music and want to remove it from my history.  I will not be renewing my subscription without this feature.


Yes the remove all played history would be an excellent addition.  You can have that as an addition to the hide option.  Thanks.

Status changed to: Not Right Now

Updated on 2017-11-09

Hey everyone, thank you for bringing us this feedback around the Recently Played list. Right now we don't have plans to allow users to permanently remove items in the 'Recently Played' list. However please know this feedback was brought to the teams behind Your Music and we'll continue to watch the growth of this idea. Thanks again for using the Spotify Idea Exchange!



If this feature is not being implemented, is there any way to remove songs that someone (like a well meaning wife) has played from a genre you can't stand? It's really frustrating because that hated genre keep showing up in the discover weekly feature. Which basicly makes it unusable... 


Lousy excuse for a simpel logic request, Spotify is in denyal, there is nothing wrong with my product!,


why do you Spotify nog simply implement such logic request?

Casual Listener

Please dear God Spotify take the hint and add a button to remove all items from the recently played list. And make sure they stay gone. I spent an hour "hiding" everything one by one a few days ago only to find out just now that the entire list is back. I swear if my family didn't use Spotify I would cancel my subscription. This may not be a big deal to most but if this doesn't get fixed I will be leaving Spotify. This is so annoying. Make it to where users can "clear the played history" just like all the web browsers do. 

Not applicable

Unbelievable that this option is not implemented yet..


Means we just have to delete and create a new account or switch to other streaming services..


Great, so now I'm stuck with crappy suggestions based of the garbage that some Easter European POS who hacked my account was listening to?!?! May be time to switch entirely to Google Music, and ditch this service all together. 


This idea absolutely needs to be implemented. I have my account linked to my Google Home device and have my account play history and, thus, the reccommendations completely ruined/adulterated. There needs to be an option to permanently "delete" or "remove" items from the history to avoid such situations or occurrences. Please, PLEASE implement this or your reccommendation algorithms are useless. 


Why not? Why wouldnt you let us delete our history? I click on the wrong song. Now I get recommendations for it. No way to undue this. This makes zero sense from a users point of view that we cannot clear our history. We do pay for this so it should be something we should be able to do.