[Your Music] Remove Items in 'Recently Played' permanently

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Current implementation:

Items in "Recently Played" list are hideable via the menu button.

However, these items come back when you reconnect the device to the Internet (or log into Spotify).

In addition, items that are hidden cannot be unhidden until reconnection to the Internet or relogin of Spotify.



Proposed implementation:

Replace "Hide" funciton with a "Remove" function.

Removes the item permanently (across all devices that is logged into the same account).
"Hide" function can remain as long as there is an option to unhide these items instead of reappearing after reconnecting to the Internet or relogging into Spotify.




Additional idea:

Remove all Played History, does the same as removing an item, but to all items.


Previously this idea got 34 votes, can we get 100 votes this time round?

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Marked as new idea. This is a repost of the following inactive idea.


This idea has been posted many times historically (this problem has been going on for years!) and with altogether over 50 votes. There must be a way to accomplish this, Spotify team! When I found out my private session activity was still posted to recently Played, I have begun using other music services. It's inconvenient because I'd like to streamline, and aside from this problem, I actually really like Spotify. I think others will start doing this too if they haven't already. It's a big silent problem. If you surveyed your customers, I'd bet an overwhelming majority would vote to enable more private listening settings. Users value their privacy; I think you smart folks understand that! It's 2017... Can we make this happen already?


I think its a bit innaccurate to say that adding the ability to hide artist radio stations from the recently played list is a "new idea", its more just a feature that should already be part of spotify that isnt there causing inconvenience

To have it require votes for implementation is a bit dumb.... especially with how huge spotify is, please fix this problem 


This is a great idea. I rencently clicked on a "related artist" which was in NO WAY related at all. I'm not even sure how that connection was made because the artist and the "related artists" were in no way similar. Now, I have a genre of music(one of two) I'd never even listen to in my recently listened to items.


Insane to lack such a basic function after so long time. So incredibly annoying to mess up the taste preferences just because you were so unlucky to play some songs for someone else. 


Remove all is a must ! I need this so bad ! 


Now that I have a Google Home, sometimes my account is used to play music that isn't what I would ever listen to. With it showing in my recently played, it starts to affect everything. Now one my auto playlists has kids music and there is another with country. If I could have just removed the playlists from recently played,it would be so much easier. Thank you.


I sooo much agree - would love this functionality! Or at least let me edit the home screen and remove the whole "Jump back in" list.


I'd like to have it also.


Exactly, this seems like such a basic feature that already should be integrated. It's just like how we can delete our browsing history or emails. Can you imagine a browser or email service that you couldn't delete your history/mail off of? I sure wouldn't use it. I hate having my recently played list cluttered with songs, artists, or playlists that don't relate to my taste because I accidentally left autoplay on or something. The recently played radios and your recently played artists can't be deleted either and that bothers me as well. Even though you can "delete" your recently played music on desktop and mobile, it's more like a hide button. Whenever I have reinstalled or installed the Spotify app on a new device the entire recently played list pops up again and I have to re-delete them. The stuff I "deleted" like my songs and playlists show up on my "jump back in" list too, which I don't like as well