[Your Music] Remove Items in 'Recently Played' permanently

NOTE: This is a repost as the previous thread was closed (https://community.spotify.com/t5/Closed-Ideas/Your-Music-Remove-items-in-the-Recently-Played-list-pe...)


Current implementation:

Items in "Recently Played" list are hideable via the menu button.

However, these items come back when you reconnect the device to the Internet (or log into Spotify).

In addition, items that are hidden cannot be unhidden until reconnection to the Internet or relogin of Spotify.



Proposed implementation:

Replace "Hide" funciton with a "Remove" function.

Removes the item permanently (across all devices that is logged into the same account).
"Hide" function can remain as long as there is an option to unhide these items instead of reappearing after reconnecting to the Internet or relogging into Spotify.




Additional idea:

Remove all Played History, does the same as removing an item, but to all items.


Previously this idea got 34 votes, can we get 100 votes this time round?


It's a shame 😞


All we need is to remove the recently played items we do not want anymore. Just add a "remove artist radio" with the other options presented by clicking the 3 dots on Artist Radio. cannot be that hard.. 

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Update 08/28/2019: This idea has been reposted here.


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