[All Platforms][Ads] Relevant Ads to currently listened Music/Podcast

I'll be getting premium soon but for those who use the free version, I think it would be a lot better on both sides if the ads were related to the music they were listening to.


for example if I was listening to classical music, there would be classical music related ads

if I was listening to hardcore punk, there would be ads/music events related to that genre


Just saying since it's annoying trying to sleep at night to classical music then you hear I LOVE THIS CITY, SAN FRANSISCO LOUD NOISES.

Updated on 2021-08-06

Hi everyone,


Thanks for submitting this suggestion to us.


This idea has been set to Not Right Now for quite a while now. In the meantime we've ran different tests with this feature, including matching the ad background music to the user Library, but regrettably this wasn't feasible given the variety of available ads.


We've discussed this internally once more and as it's not something that we plan on implementing in the foreseeable future, will be setting the status to closed, to match our new Idea Exchange statuses. If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status. 


More info on why your idea has been closed can be found here.


Hey spotify-I think its great that you let us broke college students listen for free!  Really, its fantastic!  But please don't interrupt the stillness of my Grieg Quartet with an ad for a new hip hop/rap album.  Could you advertise something that might appeal to me like a new classical recording? 


I've been thinking the same ever since I started using Spotify last summer.

Spotify has so much information about individual listeners' music tastes, so why does it waste that information? Not only would it be less obnoxious if Bach's St. John Passion were interrupted by something classical instead of loud hip hop, but I'd also be much more likely to actually listen to the ad, rather than just turn the volume off and wait through it, if it were relevant to what I'm listening to. 


I also agree firmly with this. I quite honestly find hip-hop and rap rather offensive, and it really anoys me when I have to hear some groups of guys who I'm no even interested in listening to interrupt my music. It would be nice if they allowed you to at least allowed you to give feedback on what ads you don't wish to hear.


Is there any way to get rid of explicit ads? They really mess up the whole experience for me. thanks


get premium.


Pay. Ulimited or Premium will remove them.

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i just had the same in mind.


It's really disturbing if you hear music (doesn't matter which genre) and it's being interrupted by Hip Hop or Techno(dance, or a genre which is never listet in any of a playlist) music.


As "kusmi" said 

I'd also be much more likely to actually listen to the ad, rather than just turn the volume off and wait through it, if it were relevant to what I'm listening to.

Pls Spotify check my playlists and give me ads about songs/bands/albums which fits in my playlist currently listen. Otherwise i just turn sound of if i hear hip hop and its like i never heard the ad.


There needs to be a way to provide feedback on your advertisements. 


The Tostitos ads on there now are so obnoxious (loud, stupid, obnoxious) that I immediately mute the computer, and then miss a few other ads and songs. 


If an ad is "bad" I should be able to give it a thumbs-down, tell you it's irrelevant, or even make it go away forever.  I think Hulu does something like this.


Or maybe the entire point of these bad ads is to make us pay for premium service...   


I'm NOT a premium user. Unemployed right now.
Spotify obviously tracks the music we listen to and DON'T listen to.
I have an eclectic taste in music but I detest Hip-Hop, Rap or whatever the latest code name they have for it.
Nothing annoys me more than to be listening to a long queue of soft New Age or classical and to have it interrupted frequently by loud obnoxious noise from a genre I will NEVER tune into.
Why can't  Spotify target ads according to the general genres the user listens to?

Casual Listener

I was thinking about creating a post for this, but apparently you beat me to it.


Spotify, I don't believe it would be that difficult to categorize your ads into muisc genres. This way, you could simply match a genre ad to the last played genre music. 


At least it would appear more natural to the user and make your ad's seem 'smart'.