[All Platforms][Connect] re-categorise podcasts as AUDIO so they play on Connect devices

Podcasts will not play on audio-only Connect devices because Spotify has labelled them as "mixed-media". They are not mixed media, they are audio files.


This is an issue that has been noted by the community for some time (around 18 months at least) and not addressed by Spotify in any serious way. It is not a niche problem as it will affect ALL users who listen to podcasts and own an audio-only Spotify Connect device. In other words, potentially millions of people globally. Please Spotify, rectify this issue as a matter of urgency. I for one am a regular podcast listener who bought an audio-only Connect device so that I could play podcasts through it, only to find that I cannot because of a categorisation error on your part.


To further elucidate the issue, and Spotify's lack of action on it, I point to an earlier (now closed) idea post submitted by another user (charango88) https://community.spotify.com/t5/Closed-Ideas/All-Platforms-Connect-Make-Podcasts-playable-on-audio-...


The advice given to this Spotify user was that this is "an issue that's worth investigating" and for them to find relevant help topics. However no relevant help topics exist for this problem.

Updated on 2021-05-20

Thank you for bringing your feedback to the Spotify Community!

Your suggestion didn’t quite reach 500 votes in 18 months. You can read more about the idea process here.


I only noticed this problem when I moved from Apple to Android/ Spotify on all my devices and now my favourite podcasts (the majority BBC) can't be played on my sonos speakers. I rely on Spotify Connect to listen around the home. They've still not eleborated on what the issue is/ specifics on what qualifies a podcast as none playable on connect. Why is there no news??

The on-dit is that Spotify characterises all podcasts as mixed-media and
therefore won't attempt to play them on audio-only equipment.

I think the reason that Spotify hasn't acted is that this has gotten
flagged as a desired feature rather than a bug, and that there aren't that
many people who've realised it's a Spotify (as opposed to Sonos, Roberts et
al) problem.

I wonder if there's a way to get it re categorised?

Today is the first day I've used Spotify for podcasts. Because of this bug it might be the last. I've listened to podcasts for years using Pocketcast and have always been able to stream to my Google Mini & Home devices.

Hey that's interesting. How do you stream from pocket casts?

Thanks for the advice, Pocket cast works a treat on Sonos and has all my favourite podcasts including BBC. I've moved over to it for all my podcasts


Thanks for the mention of Pocketcast.  Problem solved!  Don't need Spotify!


marked as a new idea 1.5 years ago. and doesnt work still. **bleep** it is too long times...


It took me a long time to take the effort to contact both Samsung and spotify for this issue. 
I thought it was the specific speaker where the issue was, but it seems like it's spotify issue. 

We are living in 2021 and can't even play podcasts on our speakers? This is weird. 

Seems like such an easy change, hopefully they look into it, as it has way more then 100 votes already. 

Casual Listener


Same issue here, took me a couple of messages to support to figure out it's a ridiculous 'by design' Spotify thing.



Can't believe that this issue has still not been addressed yet - please can it get some focus please ???