[All Platforms][Playlists] Bring back Numbered Daily Mix playlists

You have recently changed daily mix playlists to be called "<artist> mix" rather than "daily mix <number>". 


Please bring back the old naming convention. 


In the world of being able to ask Google/Siri/Alexa to play music we cannot now use these services to ask to play the daily mix playlists. 


If i ask for "<artist> mix" or <artist> daily mix" or other similar terms the services either play nothing because they cant find a playlist with that name or they play a playlist of JUST that artist. 


the good thing about daily mix was a it played a aselection of music, and if you did not like #1 you could aski it to play #4 and get different music. 


NOW we have to know what the first artist in the list is and we have to use a device to play it rather than using any of the popular voice activated services. 



Updated on 2021-06-25


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Ugh. . yes please! Driving me nuts! Plus, how are we supposed to know when the mixes change? My artist playlists retain the  same name even when the tracks within change! Do not understand this change. . . 


Thanks elena, 


How many does this need to get considered and is this the right forum to discuss the functionality being removed from what used to work perfectly well?,






YES thank you! I was just coming on here to suggest the same. It’s been driving me crazy that I can’t ask Alexa to play my daily mixes anymore! She gets very confused and tries to play something else. I always thought it was fun to say the number of the mix to Alexa too, not knowing what I was going to get...but always knowing I’d like it!


Also it just feels SO odd to title these mixes with an artist name, when I can create my own radio station based on an artist or an artist’s song anytime I feel. 


Spotify, please change this back!

Casual Listener

I second this notion, this new feature / experiment - drives me crazy. Moreover, these new mixes do not update, and I really hate it and really think of deleting spotify because of this 


Bring back daily mixes.


Same here. Daily Mix was my most used feature. Artist mix does not work for me. And what is the difference to artist radio?


The same here. It was very nice to be able to hear a mix of songs from different artists and the new artist mix is a plus, but shouldn't replace the old daily mix, which was the mix of songs from different artists.

Casual Listener

Numbered mixes really need to come back. Please.

Music Fan

As of today, mine went back to numbered daily mixes after a few weeks of having artist mixes. My only complaint with the artist mixes is that it was the same artists day after day. The songs changed every day but I never got much of a variety.


Daily mixes USED to be my favourite feature of Spotify. I would brag about how well Spotify knows me when I got compliments on what I was playing.


Now my daily mixes are really inappropriate combinations of genres and tempos and I can’t stand it!


Go back to the old algorithm please. It worked.