[All Platforms][Playlists] Sorting Songs on TV App

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Please add an option for sorting songs in playlists for the TV App (Android TV, Apple TV etc.). It's really frustrating to scroll down to the recently added songs everytime.


Updated on 2022-01-20

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Updated on 2020-06-07

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Nice, still can’t sort my songs, which is absolutely ridiculous. 


Incredibly frustrating that I can’t adjust the playlist song order on the Apple TV app version of Spotify. The Apple TV Spotify app should have all the same capabilities as the iOS app version as many of us would love to use this app through our home theater systems which are usually the biggest sound systems in our home without having to use Bluetooth and the phone interface. I always set up my random playlist by date added so the newest songs are always at the top of the list, the default for the Apple TV app version is the oldest first with no options to re-organize playlist. Why is the Apple TV app so limited?


I can’t believe Spotify ignores this idea to add a sorting option on their application for other kinds of streaming platforms.
Adding a sorting function can make Spotify more attractive and well regarded, attracting more music lovers to their platform. 


Seems like i cant vote on this?


I have an app on my LG smart TV but my Playlists are all ordered from oldest added to the newest added which is at the bottom. It doesn't make sense whatsoever and there is no functionality to change it. SPOTIFY DO SOMETHING, IT'S THE SIMPLE SORTING FUNCTIONALITY WE ARE ASKING FOR! 

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How Hard can it be? 


The Android auto one doesn't allow you to sort either nor does the Sony Bravia Google TV app allow you to they do offer an option to sort a to z but that's not what most people are going to be looking for or searching for just a specific song essentially all I can figure out is that you have to essentially create a playlist every time for your most recent songs it's ignorant the other option for the TV is to go get a browser and an access Spotify web version which you shouldn't have to do