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Status: Case Closed

EDIT: THANK YOU so much for removing Info Wars from your platform! I'm glad you listened and I will renew my subscription!


-its not a free speech issue, he still has his website

-real the constitution before you bring up the First Amendment

-patrons of Spotify expecting their content creators to follow their code of conduct (ie NOT threaten to kill people!) Is totally reasonable.



Please consider banning Alex Jones' Info Wars podcast. His hatefilled and inaccurate "reporting" should not be given a platform anywhere, especially not on Spotify. I can not in good conscious continue to pay for a paid subscription for a service that also provides a hateful man a platform to spread more hate and fear.

Updated on 2018-10-31

We take reports of hate content seriously and review any podcast episode or song that is flagged by our community. Spotify can confirm it has removed specific episodes of ‘The Alex Jones Show’ podcast for violating our hate content policy.


We review every report on content that potentially violates our hate content policy, outlined here.





I am a Premium Family subscriber and my children love listening to podcasts but I am more than happy to cancel my subscription if Alex Jones continues to have a platform with Spotify. 


Alex Jones encourages hate speech, harassment and outright lies. To provide a platorm for his vitriol is to be complicit with his message. 


I enjoy using Spotify but not enough to turn a blind eye to this corporate message. 



I was shocked and appalled to hear that Spotify is giving a platform to Alex Jones, a host who actively pushes white supremacist and terrorist violence and who has viciously harassed grieving parents with his conspiracy theories and lies. Our whole family uses and loves Spotify, but I will not support a business that promotes terrorism and racist violence. I'll be watching to see if Spotify pulls this show. If not, we will not only cancel our membership, but actively encourage family members and friends to cancel too. If you would not host a show pushing the ideology of ISIS, therefor you should not be promoting Alex Jones. He has the first amemdment right to say whatever he wants, but your business is not obligated to give him a platform. I would not have expected you to try to profit off of hate speech and racist propaganda. This is not the company I thought I knew.

Get Alex Jones and Infowars off of Spotify.  


Spotify should not host targeted, falsified propaganda. 


Please do not give a platform to hate speech.  Some things are more important than expanding your user base.


I’m extremely disappointed to hear that Spotify is hosting a podcast that spreads hate speech and far-right propaganda.  If Alex Jones & Infowars are not removed from Spotify I will have to cancel my subscription.


I’m shocked. Anyone who can call the Sandy Hook parents crisis actors should not be given a platform. This poison does not belong on Spotify. Please take it off immediately. 


Also, who approved this podcast? I am really disappointed this got the okay. Poor taste. 


> or just ignore it


Ignoring cancer lets it spread. I'm cancelling now, and will re-subscribe once Spotify gets the message.