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[Android] Gesture Support

Status: Case Closed

I would like to have a better User Experience on the Android app. By example: On Deezer, while you are listening one song, you can do some gestures (swipe up, swipe bottom, etc.) to "minimize", "see the queue", "visit song's artist" and many others. It results so usefull because you have to do less work to acommplish some tasks and you can take advantage of those amazing functionalities provided by the OS.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Updated on 2021-05-20

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Updated on 2018-07-24

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just got spotify on my android phone, tried to swipe down to get to playlists and thought I wasn't swiping correctly.

Well, there's something YouTube Music and Google Play Music do better than Spotify: Gestures.


Please add the swipe down and up gestures to the now playing screen.


Why does this even need a vote when it's a feature on Apple phones?? This makes no sense to me, it's not like we're asking for anything new, just to ensure the app runs the same across different platforms, come on Spotify! 


It's quite unfair that iOS has a feature to minimize the player using a swipe down gesture whereas Android users have to stretch their fingers all across from one corner of the screen to the other to simply close the player or hit the back button which seems fairly unintuitive and disjointed from the rest of the navigation experience in the app. It's more of a matter app design necessity rather than just simple a feature request. 


I'm an iOS user but would enjoy seeing this on Android devices. I've been using Android for 3 years and just switched to iPhone and suffered from lack of gesture support. Don't want Android folks to suffer more, it would be awesome.


I mean, why have it on iOS but not Android? We all are humans lol and deserve the same.


Looks spotify simply don't care about UX especially when large phone is common in this age, everyone improve their app UX by including gesture and one hand operation but spotify wants her customers and users to vote for such fundamental things.

I guess the product owner has no logical thinking capability. 


Yep, the fact that Spotify can't implement basic feature parity between different versions is ridiculous. 


Please implement this.


I absolutely agree and you at Spotify must understand that Android users won't change to iOS in order to have some features implemented in the Spotify iOS app. I absolutely never understood why swipe down / up playing now page is not implemented in the Android feature (available in almost any other music app in Android). In addition, why on Earth playing now page is not displayed when minimizing and then coming back to the Spotify app... This a kind of outrageous