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[Artist Page] Filter on Album / Artist Pages

Status: Case Closed

In the latest version you can no longer search an artist's page for a specific album or song using ctrl-f. Please bring this functionallity back.

Updated on 2020-07-06

Thanks for adding your comments and votes to this idea.
This idea has been 'not right now' for 2+ years. We're marking this as 'closed' as we don't currently have any plans to implement this. If anything changes, we'll check back in.


I used this function all the time! Please bring it back!


Definitely needed, finding tracks is such a pain now!




Thanks for the feedback.  We plan to bring that back in the future.



Why was it removed?


(p.s. Does Spotify send all it's employees on a training course in how to communicate with customers while giving out as little useful information as possible?  😉 )


Hey there,


I'm very mad with new Spotify version. I love social features like "Follow" buttons, but there also one important thing gone.


I often search track from album or artist view and now this is not possible. This was very handy feature and I was able to find exactly what I need very fast from artist page - for example.


I would suggest to folks Kudo this idea and Spotify listen our feedback. We need Search filter feature back!!!


Really, why was a basic feature like this removed?  I can understand that you need to keep adding the social stuff to differentiate yourself from other music streaming services, but please try to remember that at the end of the day you still are a music streaming service.  Taking out basic features that make it easier to find music is insane.  I don't care about the social stuff at all.  Making it harder to listen to music will drive me and my subscription elsewhere.


I've just edited the title of the idea to make it a little clearer! 


And Album page 😉 




Now ultra clear!