[Artists Page] Show Playlist created by Artist instead of personal Account

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One of the main reasons I signed up for an artist account was so that I could share the music that inspires me (as a fairly anonymous artist) with my fans easily, but having carefully curated a playlist I see that it now shares my name and personal account along with it, so I won't be creating/sharing any playlists until they show as 'created by *artist*'.


It seems that since making changes to the way artist profiles work on Spotify, you can now only associate playlists with your artist profile, rather than create them as an artist. This causes a two tier system, where artists who created an artist profile prior to this change can create playlists and have 'created by *artist name*', while artists who have signed up since the change cannot. It also means that, if I create a playlist and attach it to my artist profile, users will see my personal account, and follow that for new playlists rather than my artist profile. It just doesn't make sense.


This feature could be an option within the UI when adding a playlist to artists.spotify.com. Something like 'display playlist creator as: artist/personal'. To just allow people to show playlists as created by the artist name, rather than the personal account name.




Updated on 2020-06-09


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Full support on this!


+1 to this. My fans does not know me by my real name - they know me by my alias. And any potentially new people to my music who clicks my playlist - I want them to see it was made by [artist alias] rather than by [me]. I really do hope they implement this feature.


Was about to write about this same issue but searched first figuring others might have written about it already. This is a big issue and something that really should've been implemented with the update, as it's a pretty obvious feature to have in my opinion. Please consider modifying!  Thanks!


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I would really like to see this option happening for my music, too! Thanks!

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Spotify when is this going to happen??


Waiting for the day when we can do this 🙂


I wonder if Spotify will ever implement this...


People, PLEASE vote for this, this as well as Spotify is making me rip my hair out of my head in frustration, the fact that people can only get to my garbage user account and not my actual artist account through my playlists makes zero sense I can't believe we have to fight for this feature...