[Desktop] Entire Discography (Albums + Singles/EPs) on 1 page

It's great that Spotify listened to users and brought back the list view and made it so not only the "popular releases" shows up on an artist's front page.


But not only have they kept this "See Discography" button, they've now separated the Albums and Singles/EPs sections into two different pages. It's too many clicks. Why can't we just see their entire discography on a SINGLE page. There's nothing wrong with just scrolling down.


Why does Spotify insist on having us click on another page to see an artist's full discography on Desktop and Web Player too I guess since they're both the same now. I understand why this design works on a small mobile screen but on a large computer screen it doesn't make sense.


Please bring back the ability to see an artists ENTIRE discography on (1) page like the previous design, with the ability to choose between List or Grid view in every section like before.

Updated on 2022-01-18


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Totally agree, it's not making sense with extra clicks on Desktop app to browse full discography.

Personally, I don't like Popular & Popular releases on top of Artist Page taking so much space! Most of the time those are useless information to me. And it used to have the 'About' button on the first page to get to know the artist easily, now it's moved to the bottom which I also find worse than before.

It's really a overwhelming release of desktop app and I haven't found a 'cool' new feature yet but only unwanted surprises one after another. Very frustrated.

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I like being able to separate singles and EPs. I think this is a fine idea if all options are kept. You could select between View Discography, View Albums, View EPs, and View Singles options. Leave View Discography as the default option and it's the best of both worlds, everybody is happy 🙂

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View Discography is a good idea. There should be a separate "Other" as well for live albums/remix compilations/interviews of the artist. And View Appearances for the section that lists various artist compilations the artist appears on (this should not be a dedicated section at the bottom of the home page should it?). And View Peers to see the list of related/similar artists. And View Discoveries to see the top spotify or user-created playlists this artist appears on. All these sections should be from the same toggle.


So, my BIG deal with this is that a lot of the artists I listen to do a lot of singles. The way this is currently implemented on the "singles and EP's" page I need to click on each individual release to see the song or EP and its stats/ songs. Then, when I go back to the list I am taken back to the top of the list. This means I often scroll down, click an item, click back, and have to scroll down again. I would much prefer to just have to scroll through the EP's and albums the way it was before. I do like the new view in some instances, what would be awesome is to be able to toggle the view between the new way and something similar to the old view when in "Discography".

Casual Listener
I think the intention is for you to switch to list view not grid view in
the upper right corner then when you go to singles, all the singles tracks
are displayed sequentially in a huge list rather than as a list of
singles/eps you must click on to see more.

I like that you separated Singles and Eps from Discography. Sometimes I only want to listen to one or another. Most of the time, I want to listen to them all.  Being able to have All tracks in order of latest released is my favorite way to listen to artists.  Please allow us to have the option of an all releases.


This is the opinion I was looking for!! I agree with you!


Please, Spotify, bring back all the discography in just one page!!


The most ridiculous thing is a single release to be in a separate album, so I have to go back and select the album with just one song. The discography separated is a bad idea.

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10000% agree. This has made listening and navigating on desktop a nightmare. I just want to be able to access an artist's discography which includes all of their music. The nature of the word means an artist's entire catalog, not a separate catalog of singles and albums. 


Please bring back the correct form of discography. 

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