[Desktop] Equalizer for the Desktop Version

Status: Case Closed

There should be an Equalizer for the Desktop version of Spotify.


Since Spotify's mobile apps now have an EQ setting, this should be implemented on the desktop version, too!
The EQ should come with various presets but also the ability to save your own custom settings.

Updated on 2018-03-13

Update from 2017-08

Hey Folks!

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We really appreciate it. In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to share with you the status of this request.

After serious consideration, we’ve decided not to introduce an equalizer for the Desktop app at this time. As a result, we’ve marked this idea as Case Closed.

Although we appreciate many of you here would like to see an equalizer on the Desktop app, they are in fact used by a very small subset of listeners overall. We’ve therefore decided to focus our immediate attention and resources on features that have higher engagement at this time.

We may reassess this decision in the future. But, for now, we just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Rest assured we’re constantly working to implement feature requests you make via the Ideas Exchange.
Thanks for understanding, and please keep those ideas and requests coming! Together we can make Spotify the best it can be.


In my Spotify on my Samsung mobile-phone there is an equalizer. 

Is there the same option for the Spotify on PC (using WIN 8.1)?

I can't find any?

I'm using the version g87efe634.


Kind ragards 



Sorry, but the desktop app doesn't have an equalizer. 


Thanks, but Why not?

I think it's a good solution to have the option to make my own sound.

There is a lot of speakers nowadays using Bluetooth, NFC, 3,5 mm jack.

When using the phone you can give it some more bass etc, but when you use lap-top you canno't.

Is it a soft-ware probleme in Windows or just lack of covenants with Mr. Gates`?





The idea of having a desktop equalizer is here:



It is currently marked as "Watch This Space", so there may be future updates on this. You can add a kudo and a comment to help support the idea.


Also, if you cannot wait for this feature, there is an unnoficial addon called Equalify. It adds a 10 band equalizer to spotify. You can find it here:



you are using windows correct? if so go down to the speaker icon at the bottom on your taskbar. click on it then press mixer. fom there click on the icon for the speaker you are using then a new window should open that says speaker properties and should have 4 tabs(general,levels,enchancements and advanced) click the enchancements tab. put a checkmark on equalizer. go down where it says settings and you can pick from the default (pop, rock, bass boost, vocal, etc.)or tou can create your own setting with the (...) button. hope this helped.

Just use EqualizerAPO with PeaceGUI, much better than others.

If you use play.spotify.com, you can use an EQ chrome extension like Ears https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ears-bass-boost-eq-any-au/nfdfiepdkbnoanddpianalelglmfooik


Best answer ever! 


Thanks so much.

Status changed to: Not Right Now
Updated: 2015-09-17

Hey folks, we know the idea for an equalizer in the Desktop app is a popular request. While we're marking this as 'Not Right Now' please know we're continuing to watch the kudos and comments here in the Community and we're bringing them back to Spotify. Keep an eye here for any updates, thanks!


This is a must! I am currently using iTunes instead of Spotify to listen to the music that I own, just because the EQ is not available for Spotify in my iMAC.

The EQ should have at least a 10 band or more graphic EQ and be able to save presets as well as have some defaults including ROCK!

For those of us musicians, it would be great to include the option of changing the pitch and speed of the tunes to practice solos and playing on top of original tracks.

Thank you,