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[Discover] Find users with similar taste

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A way to discover other users who have many of the same liked songs and songs saved to playlists that you do. I'm Desperate to find new music, spotify needs ways to help with this. Currently the radio doesn't make good recomendations. 

Updated on 2022-01-19

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We've been keeping an eye on this submission for an extended period of time, and it doesn't seem this will reach the votes necessary to put it forward for prioritization.
As such, we're marking this case as closed. This includes any similar suggestions that are received.

If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.

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Updated on 2019-10-09

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off-topic suggestion is


I had the same idea except maybe a different app? So it would scan your music and artists and match your with people with similar percentages to who you listen to. And it could help make new friends locally or globally and you would be able to go to concerts together and get together and jam! What would be better than an app that helps you makes friends based on your music taste?!


I'd absolutely love that! doesn't really cut it for me because it matches people with maybe 50% of the same music taste. I want to see people with a 95%+ match tho, that'd be awesome.


I think this is a great idea! I agree that the ability to find other Spotify users who listen to many of the same artists, songs, or genres of music would likely facilitate music discovery among listeners (as an alternative to the recommendations that Spotify already provides its users). I’ve discovered many artists that I enjoy listening to by browsing the libraries of a few other users with similar musical taste (whom I found via the “Neighbors” tab); and I think that it would be great if Spotify could have a similar feature.


Yes, please. I've been screaming about this for years. I saw a talk from a Spotify employee a couple years ago discussing the recommendation algorithm, and my understanding is it basically works by comparing similar users... so Spotify is already doing this, they simply need to present the data to the users in the form of friend recommendations.


Other ideas would be to have personalized playlist similar to discover weekly, but that gives you a sample of what your friends are listening to (eg most popular/trending songs among friends for the week.. or perhaps monthly would work better in this case). Also, a tangential note is it would be really nice if Spotify would alert users when artists they listen to are coming to town, or when there's a festival that's a good match with the users artists/genre tastes. Obviously, this could be monetized by charging promoters.. basically the same business model as FB ads.


Seriously Spotify, why are you so behind on the social aspect?


As a programmer, I know that a musical soulmate database query that would compare users' tastes on song level (and not just artist level) would be quite expensive in terms of resources. That's why I'd even be willing to pay some extra $$$ for this feature. If Spotify wishes so, I'll love to rack my brain to find a feasible algorithm for a precise soulmate search 🙂

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Updated on 2021-03-23

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It would be great to be able to find other listeners who have a similar taste in music.

Napster has an awesome feature called "Music Match" where you can browse a list of other people who are closely matched with you based on a percentage. Sifting through a person's recently played tunes or playlists whom you share an 83% percent match with (let's say) is a fascinating way to find new music you haven't yet discovered and songs you've forgotten about. It also fosters a strong sense of community.

Would love to see a similar feature like this in Spotify.


sounds awesome!!