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[Discover] Remove Suggestions from Discover Page

Status: Inactive Idea

Please note: Discovery is only in the rollout phase, so if you don't have it yet don't panic! It will come your way at some point in the future. 


This idea leads on from the inital discussion on this idea



In the current discovery tab, there is no way to remove recommended content you don't like, or need to see a second time. 



Similar to this idea about being able to blacklist artist/albums/tracks, there should be a simple "x" button on each suggestion in the discovery tab with an option to remove this recommendation. 


Want to remove an artist entirely from Discover? That idea has been suggested here. 


Again, the app gives you the ability to remove recommendations, simply by pressing the "x" symbol on the image:

lastfm remove.png



Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Status changed to: New Idea

+1 for removing certain reccomendations!
I listened to Benny Goodman and his Orchestra once, by mistake, now every single time I get reccomendations relating to it... Can we not say no thanks to some reccomendations. Thanks!


Also - reccomendations like this are not useful...

Ideally, I'd just like a Whats New tab!


Please do this. And while you're at it, make this a feature for the radio as well. I can't remove a Rhianna station that was forced on me by being default when I first clicked the 'Radio' tab.


I don't care what people 'in my area' listened to. I don't care about any of this. I don't want to see 1/2 the bands that are on here. I'd like to just remove the discovery tab from my player, but I doubt you'll allow that, so at least let me remove all the songs I hate.


I've put up with the radio crap for a long time. You guys haven't put anything into fixing it. This is too much. If this isn't changed by the next update or my next payment (whichever comes second), I'm canceling. Sorry.


Spotify NEEDS this! I still missing, so please add this! I don't care what people 'in my area' listened to, I just want the music that I want!


This needs to happen. Depending on your taste in music, what's trending in your area can be simply annoying to downright offensive. The bulk of my discovery feed is made up of black metal, progressive, and ambient. I'm scrolling along have a good time discovering good stuff, or re-discovering some things, and out of nowhere spotify slaps me Fall Out Boy, Mariah Carey, Kesha and Eminem, all in one screenshot! What did I do to deserve that? Makes me want to go outside and ride a bike or something.


At the very, very leaste I should be able to tell spoitfy I dont like it. 


Agreed. I love the Discover feature but I need to be able to remove/dismiss suggestions if they're not relevant or if I've already addressed them or don't want them. It would be great to have a "Never show me this artist again" option or something similar as well. I would love to be able to indicate whether I liked the suggestions or not, and then have the Discover page reload with fresh suggestions based on what I liked or didn't.


Just adding my vote on this, I used to look at What's New every time I logged in, but I actively avoid Discover now. It makes:


1. Recommendations that make absolutely no sense to me ("You listened to the Beautiful South. Here's an album you might like: The Best of Greg Lake" - ?!? absolutely no musical connection. If you're going to push Greg Lake's album at me because it's a new release, just call it a New Release and don't pretend it has anything to do with my listeneing habits.)


2. Recommendations of artists, albums, and songs that I've already listened to and/or which are already in my library.


I'd say those two categories easily make up 75% of the discover page.



First of all I think we all agree - we need to be able to give feedback to the recommdation engine.


I'd be fine with x button to get rid of a recommendation.  However Spotify already has a more emotional way of doing this in the Radio section with the thumbs up, thumbs down feature.  So if that was brought over to recommedations I'd be happy.


The discovery section is going to become more and more important to Spotify.   Looking forward to seeing it evolve.




I don't need any recommendations. I know more than Spotify about my music taste.

Even worse is: "You haven't listened to *** for a while. Play now?" Just Irritating... How to turn of all of this...?




I can see some benefits from having a "discover" screen...but the way that it is implemented is poor.


The whole layout of recommendations about Albums, Songs, Concerts, 'Haven't Listened' etc which are a variety of sizes and shapes, just looks so disorganized.


Feature requests:

1) Add a "What's New Bar" at the top of the discover screen

2) Organize the boxes so that they are categorized (for example "New Albums" bar, with dozen of new albums to horizontally scroll through, "New Songs" bar, with dozen of new songs to horizontally scroll through,

"Similar to" bar  with dozen of similar artists to horizontally scroll through,

"Similar Songs" bar  with dozen of similar songs to horizontally scroll through,

"Similar Albums" bar  with dozen of similar albums to horizontally scroll through,

"Concert Listings" bar, with a few nearby concerts to horizontally scroll through,

3) Ability to close recommendations

4) The option for "You haven't listened to Band X in a while" is worthless...usually I haven't listened to Band X as conscience decsion because I don't want to listen to them.  Most likely I listened to that band a one-off because someone else was in my car, etc.

5) No need for album cover photos

6) I have a playlist called "New to Check Out", which I drag new items too, having something like this in UI (with button to add to the "To Check Out" playlist would be cool.

7) Recommendations about what was "huge when you were a teenager" are terrible.  I'm sorry but I don't care if "Say You, Say Me" was huge when I was a teenager, nothing that I listened to then or now would indicate that I want to hear that song.